Sunday, February 8, 2009

Commercials and Snazzy Slogans

Ok, this is a bit random, I will admit. I was watching tv yesterday, and I thought about this. However, I had the exam from heck, and couldn’t write about it last night (nevermind the fact that I should have been working on the exam while I was watching tv—but hey, I am a procrastinator, what can I say). Anyways, I was watching tv, and I saw the funniest commercial, and I got to thinking about all the commercials that I love. My all-time favorite would definitely have to be the Hitchcock’s commercial that had the two kids talking on it. I can’t remember now what all they said, but there was some “Hakuna Matata” in there somewhere. Cracks me up every time I see it. They’ve been showing it forever, so I know those kids have to be in their teens by now. A dieting commercial that I loved was the one that said “you are what you eat,” and it had a woman walking down the street with honey buns on her butt. I had to crack a smile. And the new Subway commercial is hilarious, too. There is a pile of people that are trying to eat fattening food, while the buttons on their pants are popping off, or they are breaking (or falling out of) the chairs they are sitting on. That would be something that would happen to me, so I laugh.

There are also some commercials that I roll my eyes at every time they come on. Can we say Geico? Whether it be the cavemen, the money with eyes, or that dreadful gecko, I always hate their commercials. By the time they finally took the stupid cavemen off, I swear, I was ready to chase after the head Geico Advertising man with a club. One night, as my mom and I were sitting down to watch a Lifetime Christmas movie, a commercial for came on. My mom just looked at me and shook her head. I swear, it went something like this: “Are you a middle-aged professional man, looking for someone to love and support? Or are you a hot young man, looking for someone to support you? If so, try” What.The.Hell????? And along those same lines, there is now a commercial for a booty call hotline or or something. It’s insane. What’s the world coming to? I know I shouldn’t say this…but oh, well. Frankly, if you’re looking that hard for all that, you might try supporting your local hookers. At least you would know where to search for them if you got the funk later. My goodness. It’s crazy, I tell you. (rolling my eyes).

I am also a big fan of snazzy names and slogans. My sister came home from the State Fair yesterday, and said that she had seen a cool brand name on the huge fans that they have there. The name of the company that put out these fans was “Big Ass Fans.” Catchy and to-the-point? I think so. Also, as I was in a public bathroom one day, I noticed the name on the stall was “Hiney Hiders.” Y’all, if I hadn’t already been in a bathroom, I probably would’ve peed on myself laughing. It’s so simple, but so smart. I loved it. And while my mom and I were driving somewhere the other day, I forget now where, we saw a sign for “Big John’s Johns” which sold porta-pottys.

I, too, have come up with a few names. I’ve decided that if I ever had a store (don’t know what I would sell…so I don’t see this as a future endeavor) I would name it “Big Mama’s Hole in the wall.” And when I was a teenager, I once told my friends that if we ever started a band (once again, this would NEVER happen, b/c I don’t have a lick of rhythm) we should be “The Big Midgets.” Due to the fact that we were all so short.

Yes, I do love some good advertising. If y’all can think of any of your favorite commercials or slogans, post a comment with them.


  1. hey... those fans were huge!!! And they even had a donkey on the logo... I've got a picture somewhere!

  2. My fav's are Howdy's -it's a port o' potty company
    ( & please tell me you've heard of Howdy Doody-otherwise it's just not that and a GIGANTIC sign of Rick's Toy Box.. YOU try to explain to a kid why we can't go to THAT toy store!! Oh yes, there's also Decent Pizza in Tallahassee..hey, at least they're honest.

  3. In Callahan, we have Farmer John's Porta-Pottys. Farmer John himself is a former FL highway patrolman who now has thousands of porta-pottys in his backyard and goes around town telling everyone about the MASSIVE diamond ring he found in one and gave to his wife....Things that make you go hmmmm.

  4. On the commercial note, my favorite right now is for the "Slap-Chop" and if you call now we'll throw in a "Graty"!! Your homemade names CRACK ME UP!!!!!