Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm an addict

I am an addict. Yes, you read right, I’m an addict…an apron addict. I absolutely have fallen in love with aprons. I love funny ones, I love cute ones, I love kitchen-themed ones. I love them all. A few years ago, I bought myself a margarita one, and Lord, if I haven’t worn that one slap out. Though I absolutely love that one, and the Cedar Key shop that sells them, I have found a new source for my apron fix.

My friend Jackie is the “Apron Diva.” She makes some absolutely beautiful aprons. I’ve bought about 4 in the last couple of months, two for gifts and two for myself. The ones that I gave as gifts were a big hit. My mom and my friend Jess loved them. And I hope there’s no need to say here that I adored mine.

Here is a picture of the one that I bought for my mama. She loves watermelons.

I would show you Jess’ apron, but I gave it to her without first getting a picture.
I LOVE mine, too. Now, honestly, I haven’t worn them yet…I’m a little afraid to….for fear that I might get something on them….lol. But aren’t they the cutest things ever?

Here's a close up of this one (thanks to a pic that Jackie had emailed to me)...

I encourage y’all to stop by her blog: If you’re reading this through my facebook page, visit “The Apron Diva” page, and become a fan.
If you order some, be warned, you will become an addict, too.

Now, I hope that y’all noticed that I conned my mama into being my model. Doesn’t she look cute? Now, y’all have to check out a close up of her head gear.

Do y’all remember the Troll dolls? I LOVED them when I was little, and mama has had this material forever. This morning she told me, as she was putting it on, that “I might not have any hair, but they have nice, pretty, colorful hair.” She’s so funny. :) She makes me laugh.

Actually, since about Friday, she’s been wearing some different hats. Check out what she wore on Friday. You can’t see her earrings, but they matched her outfit too.

All I can say is, my mama sure is cute.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Behold! A role model has arrived....

I am a small-town Southern girl. I love Country music, rodeos, antiquing, big hats, big hair, gossiping, sweet tea, front porches, southern drawls, men with southern drawls, coastal towns, rocking chairs, and Savannah. I’m a registered Democrat that often times sides with the Republicans, and I get excited during a political season. etc. etc. A bit cliché I know. What can I say? I’m just like many Southern girls.

Unlike a lot of Southerners, though, I am not a die-hard football fan. Now while you are picking your jaws up off the ground, please realize that I LOVE a good football game, but I don’t have one team that I root for constantly. Football, for me, is just so much more fun when I’m actually at the game. I don’t like watching them on TV.

Lately, I have been watching the news and hype about Tim Tebow. He is an extraordinary young man (how sad is this?? I think he really IS younger than me…wow.). Throughout his time at UF, he seems to have worn his beliefs like a billboard, and frankly, I think this is a WONDERFUL change of pace for our media. HE is what role models are all about. So many times now our youth have “role models” that are on drugs, have gone to jail at least once, and are in the media for scandals regularly. When Tebow came on the scene, I thought, FINALLY, a role model for young people!

I’d been hearing bits and pieces about this “commercial” for the last week or two, but I didn’t actually read about it until I saw something about it on facebook. When I read about how his mother had been told that she should have an abortion, because of the drugs they were going to give her for her condition, and her choice to keep him, I was amazed. What a great story. What a great message. She chose to keep this baby, and against all odds, look at what a great man he is!
Not that my lowly opinion matters, but I am very much a “pro-life” person. There are SO many couples out there that cannot have children, and would be elated to have that child. Why abort it? My mom had two miscarriages after she had me. My parents looked into adopting, because they weren’t sure that they could have another baby (low and behold a few years later, Rheba came along.). I also have a friend whose mother really considered abortion, but chose to keep her. I, honestly, cannot think of how different my life would’ve been without having her here. I am so very glad that her mother chose to keep her.

Though no one knows for sure what this commercial will be like, there is still so much controversy. Pro-choice groups are protesting the airing of this commercial. From what I understand, there are some channels that aren’t playing it. My question is “why?” It is my understanding that we still have freedom of speech in this country. Though usually it is the liberal crowd throwing that cry up, why can’t it be used here? The simple fact is this: Everyone has a right to their opinion. We shouldn’t hush one group because the other doesn’t agree with it. They were given their chance to speak out, therefore, Pro-life groups should be given their chance. If these pro-choice groups are so firm in their belief that they are right, why are they so worried about one person contradicting them?