Tuesday, January 15, 2013


One of my greatest frustrations is trying to breakthrough to someone, and never being able to.

Have you ever experienced that? Had a time where you tried so hard to care for someone, to let someone see the real you, to do nice things for someone, only for it to be a complete bust?

I have. This has been my experience: If you come off too nice, people tend to think you’re not genuine. If you try too hard, they think you’re weird or creepy. And given my ability to say something inappropriate at the worst possible time, these things have me beating my head against my desk.

People often say “Don’t put too much stock into what other people think.” And a lot of times, it’s true. But it can certainly be disheartening, when someone that you regard so highly and want to be friends with, has a rotten opinion of you.

I’ve went through this recently. Friends told me “just let it be, they’re just a jerk.” Yet, that left me feeling unsettled. Finally, someone explained to me that this person had been hurt in the past, and was just really reserved. Some of the things started to make a little more sense. At that point, most people would’ve just let it be. For me, it’s not so easy. Hearing that just kind of pulled at my heartstrings. I can’t fix things, but it hurts my heart to hear that. My hands are tied.

Despite my “crusty” exterior (as Jarrod Watson would say), I still have a soft heart with some people. And it does break my heart that 1. I can’t help this person. 2. This person didn’t get a good impression of me.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Best Love Letter

So, in my blogging, I had a request the other day. At the time, I kind of scoffed at the idea. I was asked to write about LOVE…While there are SO many things that can be written on that topic, I just was really not feeling it at the time.

Tonight as I sat here thinking of Valentines Day being right around the corner, I got an idea…

My mama and my best friend, Krystle’s, mama (Mrs. Katie) were friends in high school. Mama always had a crazy Katie story to tell me when I was growing up. She once told me of how she did a strip tease in class (she had put her newly-finished Home Ec garment over her regular clothes, but she liketa given the teacher a bloomin’ heart attack); she told me about the time Mrs. Katie had hidden in class, and the let the other student’s tell the teacher she’d crawled through a hole to get to the boys’ bathroom; and the time Mrs. Katie had written the mushiest love letter…

This got me to thinking…I’m going to turn Mr. Jeff’s idea about me writing about love on to y’all. And in doing so, I will have my first-ever, bona fide contest.

I’m giving y’all a month. I want the best love letter ever. Now, it can be mushy, it can be funny, it can be whatever y’all want (minus any explicit material…because I just don’t want to have to read all of that). And on February 11th, I will pick a winner and post your love letter on my blog.

What do you win, you ask?? I will bake you a dessert for you and your sweetheart to share. And I will throw in a $25 gift certificate to the Ivy House.

You can email me: missmargarita8604@yahoo.com or on facebook.

Now, y’all get to thinkin’…I’m super excited about this…

I will leave y’all with my favorite love letter quote ever, (Thanks, Mrs. Katie!!)

“When I see you, everything on me that’s rubber pops and rolls…”

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Apologies make me queasy...

So, I have this problem… I’m stubborn. Sometimes I can be mean and hateful. Sometimes I jump to conclusions. Sometimes I’m overbearing and inadvertently push people away. Sometimes I'm rash.  Sometimes, I can be a teeeeeeny bit bossy. And sometimes, I hate apologizing.

However, that being stated, I feel like it’s the time that I need to do just that. I need to issue an apology to someone.

I would like to apologize to someone in particular for my actions:

I have tried too hard. Been too pushy. Worn my heart on my sleeve, and gotten my feelings hurt far too easily. For these things, I apologize. I will say, however, that I did care very, very much, and I still think the world of you. Perhaps that is why I went a little nuts for a little while. You are a wonderful person, and you didn't deserve to ride my crazy train. So, I'm sorry.

That is all…

That’s all I’ve got.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

That moment when...

The moment when your favorite song comes on in the car and the person you’re riding with starts singing it….and you’re like “whoa nelly, this ain’t karaoke.”

The moment when you ask “how are you?” when you know damn well you’d rather be shot in the foot than have to listen to how that person is.

The “oh shit” moment when you realize that you didn’t check the caller ID before answering and it’s the person you’ve been trying to avoid.

That moment when you go to a football/basketball/baseball game and someone tries to talk to you about the game and you try to sound like you aren’t a complete sports imbecile. “Touchdown, right?” Oh, damn, this is basketball.

Along those lines…That moment when you start freaking out because you realize that you have now reached the age where at a basketball game between the alumni and high school team, you find yourself rooting for the alumni…and checking them out.

That moment when you run into someone who looks familiar, and try as you might, all you can think is “OMG, I know I’ve had a not-so-pleasant run-in with that person, but where?? Where??”

That moment when you want to be Amish, just because Levi from Amish Mafia (the fakest reality tv show ever) is adorable.

That moment when you see a fine lookin’ man, and then he opens his mouth and he’s got the most seductive Southern drawl you’ve ever heard…then you find out he’s a Junior in high school. Which is then followed by that moment when you think “Well, damn, they didn’t make them like that when I was in high school.”  And then...then, you feel like a pedofile.

That moment when you realize what the songs you used to listen to as a child were really about (For some it might be nursery songs, for me it’s all of Garth Brooks’ songs. Lol).

That moment when you’re sweating like a whore in church while Christmas shopping because the FLORIDA store you’re in has a temperature setting based off of its home office…which is in Alaska, where it’s -40 degrees outside.

That moment when you’re rooting for someone to cuss…to just let it out; because if you hear one more “for mercy’s sake” you’re going to punch them in the face.

That moment when, you just want to sit under your desk at work and smoke a cigarette.

That moment when you think “Why go through all of the headache of taking down your Christmas tree? I could decorate it up for Valentine’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas would roll around again eventually. Why don’t we just leave that shit up?”

That moment when you’re all crabby and you see someone you don’t like and think “she better not speak to me…she’d better not do it.” Then, the person who has earned your disdain says “Hello” or “How are you?” and you smile all the while thinking, “Bitch, I will punch you in the throat.”

For Heather Easley: That moment when you are about to die of a heat stroke…like you have sweat dripping down your back and your coworker turns on her space heater. Lol :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Things Chappin' my butt in 2013

Well, it’s 2013, and people are already workin’ my last nerve. Here are just a few things that are chappin’ my broad butt right now:

• For the love of Snooki, I wish people would put a dang “lol” or two in an email when they’re joking. Now, granted, the lack of voice inflection in a text/email/IM has gotten me in some real doozies. And I have unintentionally upset more than a handful of people that way. Now, having been on the other side of that for…oh, say six months. I can COMPLETELY understand! OMG, if you’re joking, clue this girl in. My word, I’m beginning to expect a dour robot when I run into you on the street.

• Perky people. Let me just say, my New Year’s Resolution was NOT to become a nicer, friendlier, more bubbly person. I will never pop out of bed and be Little Miss Sunshine. In fact, my mama will always call me her Little Raincloud. :) hahaha.

• So, y’all might’ve taken note that I sometimes, maybe, kinda have a problem keeping my mouth shut, right? You might have also noted that I also sometimes think that inappropriate things are hilarious; and given the opportunity, I also tend to add some “spice” to my sentences….(I also like to think of them as “sentence enhancers”). Well, dear Lord, as much as I try to make people laugh on facebook, I still get some criticism for language or the things I say. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s fine. But if you don’t find humor in my day to day life and postings, either hide me, or delete me. Sad but true.

• Men. I’ll probably have much more to say on this subject in an upcoming blog.

• Holy Mimosas, I am already sick of people talking about their diets. Lord, if you want to diet, go right ahead. I’m trying to make some changes my own self, but goodness gracious, that’s not the only thing I can talk about, either. Despite what you might think, I don’t have to hear all you ate for breakfast, or hear about your not-so-appetizing lunch. And I especially don’t have to try your new, wonderful side dish that’s only 50 calories a serving. That’s awesome and all…but don’t tell me how wonderful it is. I’d probably need 5 servings to fill me up, and besides, it tastes like slime on seaweed.

I’ve got more irritations to come. However, this is only the 2nd day of 2013, so if I complain too much, y’all might find me to be a crusty old lady :) And “ain’t nobody got time for dat.”