Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm an addict

I am an addict. Yes, you read right, I’m an addict…an apron addict. I absolutely have fallen in love with aprons. I love funny ones, I love cute ones, I love kitchen-themed ones. I love them all. A few years ago, I bought myself a margarita one, and Lord, if I haven’t worn that one slap out. Though I absolutely love that one, and the Cedar Key shop that sells them, I have found a new source for my apron fix.

My friend Jackie is the “Apron Diva.” She makes some absolutely beautiful aprons. I’ve bought about 4 in the last couple of months, two for gifts and two for myself. The ones that I gave as gifts were a big hit. My mom and my friend Jess loved them. And I hope there’s no need to say here that I adored mine.

Here is a picture of the one that I bought for my mama. She loves watermelons.

I would show you Jess’ apron, but I gave it to her without first getting a picture.
I LOVE mine, too. Now, honestly, I haven’t worn them yet…I’m a little afraid to….for fear that I might get something on them….lol. But aren’t they the cutest things ever?

Here's a close up of this one (thanks to a pic that Jackie had emailed to me)...

I encourage y’all to stop by her blog: If you’re reading this through my facebook page, visit “The Apron Diva” page, and become a fan.
If you order some, be warned, you will become an addict, too.

Now, I hope that y’all noticed that I conned my mama into being my model. Doesn’t she look cute? Now, y’all have to check out a close up of her head gear.

Do y’all remember the Troll dolls? I LOVED them when I was little, and mama has had this material forever. This morning she told me, as she was putting it on, that “I might not have any hair, but they have nice, pretty, colorful hair.” She’s so funny. :) She makes me laugh.

Actually, since about Friday, she’s been wearing some different hats. Check out what she wore on Friday. You can’t see her earrings, but they matched her outfit too.

All I can say is, my mama sure is cute.


  1. I love you modeling momma! Those aprons are too cute, I'll have to check the Apron Diva out. Thanks.

  2. How about I love your momma! She's absolutely tops in my book! And I totally agree about aprons... there's just something about them that makes you feel good when you're wearing one. Ever since Carrie made me one for Christmas a couple of years ago, I absolutely love them!

  3. Your momma is such a sweetheart! Tell her she's the best looking model I've ever seen (trolls and all). I am cracking up over you being a troll collector!!! I had NO idea.

  4. Oh Aleta... I, too, was a troll collecter. I had the bride and groom trolls, troll babies, troll santa, nurse, doctor, EVERYTHING... I am cringing admitting that! Ha... My momma still has most of them in her attic, too! Maybe they'll come back "in" one day (if they ever were) and I can sell 'em and make millions! Ha... I happen to love me some aprons, too! AB has quite a collection, too! She already has 5 of her own! :) The aprons in your pics are cute, I love the red one!!! And also love your momma's red polka dot hat! :)

  5. Such a sweet Mama!
    Does this mean you're gonna have to go to AA?? HA!