Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New "Favorites" list

So, I haven't blogged in what seems like FOREVER. Ok, really it has been like 2 1/2 months...so that is actually quite a while for me.

I'm bored to tears here at work today and I have "9 to 5" stuck in my head, when actually I'll probably only work until 3:30. Slacker, I know. "8 to 3:30" just doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

There's quite a bit to catch y'all up on, but I dunno if I'm really up for all of that today...so I'll just make this a fun post. But let me first say this, when I actually get around to taking pics off my camera, I'm going to post a pile of them...be prepared. Between new sewing projects, birthdays, mine and KW's trip to tuckers, my recent vacation, and my family's two chocolate labs (Kenzie Mae and Karter Lee), there's a lot to show and tell about.

This blog will be about my new list of favorite things...

My list of favorite things (and things I cannot live without):

Headbands--I've got quite the collection now, from hot pink to brown polka dots to zebra stripes...I've got 'em and I love 'em.

a sewing machine & serger-- I've been sewing like a mad woman this summer. I believe the women at Joann's know me by name now.

Subway Double Chocolate Chip cookies-- Yummmmm! I eat one every workday. Maybe not so good for my waistline, but lawsy bee, it sure is good.

Vera Bradley clutches-- I used to not be VB's biggest fan. But my, oh my! Have y'all took a gander at the new clutches? Too cute. VB, I'm loving you!

Grace perfume by Luzier-- My friend Marie's mom sells Luzier, so I stumbled across this perfume back when I was in high school. Love, love, LOVE.

A hair straightener--Though I love curls, I rarely can take the time to curl my hair (and if I do, it rarely turns out right). My hair straightener is essential through the summer.

Sun-less tanner-- I'm looking mighty tan currently (with a few orange spots, I'll be honest). Could it be that I have countless hours to spend laying out by my pool? Psshhh...nope. This beautiful (slightly orange) tan comes from a bottle. Oh how I love you, Jergen's Natural Glow.

Wedge heels--I used to wear heels in high school all the time. All through college, however, I wore flats and oodles and oodles of flip-flops. They were just so much easier to truck it across campus in. But now, I'm loving my wedge heels again. And what's better than that?? Flip flop wedge heels!

White pizza--I love spinach, which is odd. I am a very, very picky eater. I don't eat much meat. I HATE seafood (need I remind you of the time I tried shrimp and it bobbled down my throat?). I have just recently began eating spaghetti noodles with marinara sauce again. I'm telling you, I'm picky. But with one taste of white pizza, my tastebuds were in love.

Wack-a-doo small town stories-- Last week, at the Journal, we were privileged to hear about (and Carrie got to write about) the break-in at the local convenient store where the robber wielded a table leg as the weapon AND we had the "topless dog wash" article run in the paper. Before you begin to wonder if we are beginning to sensationalize stories, let me just tell you that the article about the topless dog wash was SUBMITTED...and it was only referring to the fact that they don't wash the dog's head. Why? I have no clue. But it caught our attention, so maybe that'll help out their cause.

I LOVE love/hate relationships-- Odd, I realize. And I'm sure that a psychologist would have a field day with that. But what is better than being able to scream "You're a despicable, horrible person" in a parking lot in true white trash fashion and being ok a few days later? Maybe that's really weird...but that's "how I roll" :)

The band "Kornbred" "One of Many" and "Locomotive"--We were able to hear "One of Many" back in April. They did such a great job. It was there that we met Kathy, who is good friends with the members of One of Many. Then, on our recent trip, we were able to hear Kathy's band "Kornbred" play and "Locomotive." We really enjoyed it. The 3rd of July was a busy one, but we had a really good time and the bands were really good.

Trying new restaurants--On a recent trip to Carrabelle, KW and I found a new favorite restaurant. The Crooked River Grill. They have one of the best chicken salads ever....and don't even get me started on their sticky pecan cheesecake....

Well, I'd better conclude this. I only have one current dislike. People keep asking me "What are you going to do?"... to which I want to answer "I'm not sure, but as soon as I know, I'll let you know." Sigh. (rolling eyes) I. Yi. Yi. Talk about pressure. I'm not a bum, or lacking ambition. I just strictly have no idea yet what career path I want to take. The Journal still makes me happy...so I'm happy here for now. Plus, one of the best benefits to my job is seeing Miss Allie Claire and Gus every once in a while and hearing "I la you" (I love you). And hearing Miss Allie yell "Leeda, Leeda" as she beats on my desk. Yep, those are all the benefits I need right now :)


  1. Awww! I'm so gonna start calling you Leeda from now on when I call to bug you about the whereabouts of Mrs. Mizell!

  2. I love this list of favorites, Aleta! I had to laugh and cringe. I swear I held my breath over the one where people are asking you what your future holds. Hello, WE NEED you at the Journal and not just so my daughter can terrorize you and your desk ;)