Monday, October 19, 2009

Sleepin’ with a switchblade

This is one of those “You might be a redneck…” stories

My sister has takin’ to sleeping with her switchblade. Why, you ask? Apparently a few roads over from ours, a little old lady woke up to a man standing by her bed. When she screamed, he ran away (thank the Lord!). This thoroughly scared my sister. Can you blame her?? So, now she sleeps with her knife in hand (lets pray she doesn’t cut herself). And believe you me, if you wake and startle her, she will cut a b****. :) But really, how sad is it that all this crime has been going on recently?

On that same note, I was telling my friend Sam how I had been having some problems with someone. Her first suggestion…she offered to show me how to use her pistol. Haha. Kidding of course…but seriously. She cracks me up.
You know you’re a redneck…


  1. well....then don't ask me what I sleep with in my nightstand........LOL

  2. You know, we can both buy a $400 handgun together--no questions asked! You can save your own self and I might save the remainder of my foliage!! (:

  3. Well you don't want to look in our apt! lol, it's an armory!! Danny has guns hidden all in this apartment. I found one in the laundry room the other day....the laundry room!!