Saturday, November 14, 2009

Slacker Men

Ok…so I’ve been thinking about this a lot. When did chivalry actually die? And why are there just a WHOLE lot of slacker guys out there now?

I was discussing this with Merle and KW the other night. Although I know of a few that are still “gentleman,” there aren’t that many. You know, a few years ago I was standing in the grocery store when a guy came up and cussed in front of me (before I started using a few four-letter words myself). Well, a friend stepped up and said something to the effect of “Watch your mouth, we have a lady present.” How sweet is that? Opening doors, pulling out your chair, etc…what happened to all that??? I’m beginning to think that there are a lot of slacker men out there.

KW recently came up with a very good idea of 5 must-haves in a guy. Here they are (to the best of my knowledge): 1) He must not be married. 2) He must have a job. 3) He must have his own place. 4) He must have a vehicle. 5) He must not be addicted to any substance (alcohol or otherwise). You know what the sad part is??? MOST guys don’t qualify. What is with this? O.M.G. Really??

What is with the guys who a) don’t take responsibility for their actions, b) don’t mind that they have NO ambition to get ahead in life, and c) are content with walking around in a drunken fog all the time? And I swear, if I EVER get hit on by a convicted felon, a man mooching off of the government by being on disability when he COULD work, a fifty + year-old man, or a foreigner that can’t say anything in English besides “can I have your number?”…I’m going to scream.

Slacker men, I tell you, slacker men (she says while shaking her head and rolling her eyes).

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  1. Amen! I was going to tell you to add "Must have ambition to the list"...Keep looking girl, he's out there. Just hiding!