Thursday, December 2, 2010

Karter Lee, Black Friday, and Pillowcase dresses

So, guys…I’ve been busy. Real busy lately. Between crazy dogs, plans for indestructible mailboxes, shopping, and pillowcase dresses I have been busy!

First things first…I must inform y’all of what my dog, Karter Lee, did recently. Now, bless her heart, she’s a bit of a spaz. She really has good reason to be, though. Before we got her, she had been dumped. A person actually saw the people dump her and drive off. She ran after them :(. But after a call to my Daddy, we decided to give her a good home. It really was a blessing, because little did we know, in a few short weeks we would find out that Kenzie Mae had cancer and would need to be put down. But, when we got her, she had been shot with a pellet gun twice, and still had one of the pellets lodged in her. She’s terrified of thunderstorms because after she had been dumped she spent a few days just wandering around in the area (it was around the time that we had a lot of rain…maybe it was like a tropical depression…? I can’t remember). Despite all of the horrible treatment that she had gotten before, we have shown her all the love we could possibly give to her….and she is spoiled rotten. She can’t wait for Friday to roll around b/c she knows Dad will ride her on the Gator all weekend. And Sunday nights, she gets all depressed b/c she knows it’s the end of her weekend. (I swear, she knows the days of the week). So, that is my dear Karter Lee’s back story.

Now, one thing about Karter Lee and Sassy is they LOVE Cheese-its. They can hear us open the box and they will be in the kitchen in a heartbeat. I’m thinking this love of cheese-its had something to do with what happened the other day.

We woke up the other morning to find this in the hallway. (The scene of the crime)...
I had unfortunately left my grocery bag on our kitchen floor the night before. It contained my package of bagels and the box of cheese-its.

We’re thinking that (again on a Monday morning) when dad left for work, she started spazzing. She found the bag and wanted to get into the cheese-it box. –her being the emotional eater…hehehe—However, my bagels were much easier to break into. She ate four. FOUR WHOLE BAGELS. Lol. I guess she stopped when she got full.

Here’s the culprit. At least she looks like she's thinking about what she

Oh, and I will also post a picture of the loot that I scored on Black Friday. :) Nearly $300 later, I have pretty much everything that I need for the kids I was buying for this year.

Now…onto my house full of pillowcase dresses. I have made a total of fourteen over the past three weeks. Here is my “collection.” A few are missing: one is below and two were given as birthday presents.

I’ve even made some little boy pants. How cute are these little camo pants??

I love all my dresses…but if I were to give a “Best in Show,” it would have to be my latest one. I LOVE the cream-colored eyelet fabric on the bottom. I do believe this will look precious on the little girl it’s going to.


  1. Ooohhhh...I love that last dress too! It looks so feminine & dainty!

  2. Aleta your creations are great! Love that last dress too!