Tuesday, November 30, 2010

“All I want for Christmas is a suuugar daddddddy”

Here are two personal ads that I’m thinking about placing in the local paper. The first being mine, and the second one being my mamas.

Mine: “Chubby girl with BIG (a/k/a sometimes crabby, sometimes mean, sometimes sarcastic) personality seeking a Sugar Daddy. You must be rich enough that I can be a stay-at-home housewife…no. Stay-at-home mom…ummm…NO. Stay-at-home person. I love to travel, but if you’ve recently had heart surgery or a hip replacement, I’d be willing to travel alone and take pictures so that you can see the wonderful sights you are missing. Vera Bradley, Dooney and Bourke, and Coach are the ways to my heart…preferably full of cash. Looks and health not as important as a hefty bank account. If you’re wanting some spice or drama in your life, I’m the girl for you! XOXO.”

Mamas: “Seeking Sugar Daddy as a Christmas gift for my wonderful daughter (she may have lied here). She’s sppppeeeecial. Seeking higher education… not for herself, but in a man.”

Ok, what brought on all this craziness, you ask?? My mama was singing “All I want for Christmas is a sugar daddy for Aleta” tonight. Yes, that is why I love her so.

Just a few short days ago, I went all Feminist-Aleta and was griping about all the stupid girls I know. I’m sorry, but sometimes I look at girls and think “My Gosh, can you get any dumber??” Point being that if you quit your job and become completely dependent on your “man” at the time, you’re leaving yourself open for becoming a “displaced wife/mother/person” in the long run. He might decide he doesn’t want you and could kick you out on the curb. My advice to girls these days is “HAVE A BACKUP PLAN!” Do I want to go BACK to school? Not really. In fact, (though they probably couldn’t stand it) I could probably live out my days at the Journal. But, I feel like if I do (ever) have a family, I would want to help support them. But above that, I want to be able to support myself. I just think that there are some girls that lack ambition all together. –That being said, I have a great respect for housewives and stay-at-home moms…they have a job that I don’t know that I could handle. I just wish girls these days would get their heads out of the clouds and have some goals.

However, bills don’t pay themselves. And Lord help, Aleta needs some mad money. So, if ever prince charming ties his horse up in front of the journal and waltzes in with several bags full of money , I’d be on that like white on rice. :) I wouldn’t mind being a “kept” woman and nobody better say a word about it!! Hehehe…


  1. this made me laugh out loud.. for so many reasons. :) just for the record, even though I'm a "kept" housewife, I have a backup plan and a degree to fall back on should I ever need it! Hee hee!!! :)
    I couldn't agree more, though, some girls are just dummies! :)

  2. Couldn't agree more--I love a good back up plan. I work full-time and my income supports us most of the time, but if something ever happened, I do have 3 degrees and some brains!!!