Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just a' cussin'

For those of y’all who know me well, you probably have already realized this. I have one major flaw (well, several,…but I won’t get into that tonight). I have a trash mouth. Trash. Mouth.

I will cuss at the drop of a hat. It just happens. It rolls off the tongue and my teeth just don’t even attempt to stop it anymore. I realized I was a compulsive cuss-er the other day at the hospital. I cussed in front of a minister (mind you, it was a friend and we’ve known each other a long time). Shameful, plum shameful, I tell ya.

I guess my cussing started at an early age, though… My mama used to use the term “hecky-doodle” in front of me (yes, I know, scandalous. But for those of y’all who know my mama, you’d appreciate that :). My dad, a little more liberal with his phrases, used to say “hell” every once in a while. Well, one day when I was about 2, my little mini rocking horse was blocking my way to my room and I kicked it and said “Get the heck and hell out of my way.”

Now, mind you, MY cussing isn’t like something you would see on an old episode of Springer. I do try to class it up a bit (if it even can be…). I use terms like “Well hells bells” and “Oh Shitter!” (the latter paying tribute to my partner in crime). I’m telling you what, though…on those really bad days, it helps you blow off steam. The doctor gives you bad news…say a few four letter words. You accidentally hit someone’s pet turkey with your golf cart…say a few choice words. It’ll make you feel better. Sometimes cussing is a good remedy. Just sayin’…. It might not help situations but it’s one heck of a stress reliever. Hey it’s better than stapler throwing, right?? :)

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  1. Have you personally run over a turkey?!?! Oh my, you crack me up!!! I try so hard to keep my language clean for the boys' sake...but it's hard! Maybe that's why we get along so well!!