Thursday, February 23, 2012

20 randoms

Lets pray I've counted

1. I truly believe that I was a smoker in a past life. I will literally stand there and sniff someone who’s been smoking a cigar.

2. I have an unhealthy obsession with Robert Pattinson. There! I said it!

3. I used to be afraid of reading/watching something sad/sappy. Now, I’m beginning to think that I have a heart condition b/c my heart does spastic things when I watch/read them. No lie, it actually hurts. It's really weird.

4. My latest fascination has become collecting books. As we were talking one day at work, Chris made the comment “I need to build myself a bookshelf.” I said, “See, that’s where we differ…you’re thinking of making yourself a bookshelf, which is normal... and me, being neurotic, I’m considering buying myself a big a$$ safe for my books.” Have I mentioned that I tend to obsess about things?—Another addition to this, I’m a little crazy when it comes to how someone holds a book that they’re borrowing from me. Just ask my sister. She had a paperback of mine opened and laying face-down on the bed one day and I nearly flipped. Don't get me started on people who dog-ear books. Yes, I’m just a little crazy.

5. I was mighty proud when my Key Lime Trifle went for $250 at the FFA Cake Auction, recently.

6. I am becoming more and more forgetful. I can’t think of words sometimes. Like easy words…like “lane.” I was trying to describe something to a friend one day and I think I said something to the effect of “So we were driving in this…part of the road.” She was like “Do you mean ‘lane’?” “Yes,” I admitted embarrassed. Then, I was helping a customer one day, and was trying to write his receipt. I stared at what he was buying for way longer than I should’ve…just trying to remember what it was called. All I could come up with was “paper-clippy thing,” so I finally just left it blank. It was a clipboard. A. Clipboard. This would crack me up, but I’m afraid people are going to start thinking I’m on drugs.

7. My sense of smell is really heightened right now, and that is weird. Maybe it’s from being congested for the duration of about 2 weeks, and now, I’m finally able to breathe and smell again…I don’t know. But I smell EVERYTHING.

8. I had a really good start to my book…like 30-something pages, but after a few name changes, I’m at a complete loss. Which brings me to…

9. I am a very indecisive person. And it’s nerve-racking for people, I’m sure. This is why I never can decide what I want to do with my hair, this is why I can’t figure out what I want as my tattoo. I’m better when I don’t make a decision until the last minute. It’s impulsive, but I don’t have time to dwell on it and change my mind a million times.

10. I am currently on the search for a specific ring that I want. But I’ve “decided” (laughable) that I’m not going to buy one until I’m absolutely, positively sure that it’s the exact one that I want. So this might be a long venture.

11. In the last month, I’ve thought about running away at least 5 times. I know where I’d go, and that’s really no secret, but some days I feel like I might burst if I don’t get out of here.

12. The “I hates.” I hate…flowers. I hate having to repeat myself more than twice. I hate loud noises. I hate when people sneak up on me. I hate the Hallmark Channel. I hate cleaning. I hate (and sometimes love) how the smallest thing can trigger a memory.

13. I miss my dad…daily.

14. I have the strangest Thursday night show line-up. First, Project Runway. Then, Swamp People. Finally,... Jersey Shore.

15. I know I’ve said it a million times on fb. But I desperately want a Volvo. My mother doesn’t see it as necessity…and I balk at the idea of taking on another car payment right now. Plus…they don’t get great gas mileage…which makes me sad. Once you’ve become accustomed to getting 30+ mpg, is there really any way you can go back?

16. I hardly ever get online while I’m at home anymore.

17. I’ve never actually been in an accident that involved another “moving” car. I’ve hit several parked cars, I’ve almost driven off into a rock pit, and I nearly created a new drive-thru at the Chiefland Burger King (ahem! Steph Mackin), but never a moving vehicle. The latest parked car I hit was my sister’s truck (the first with my Mazda…the first in 5 years…that should say my driving is improving, right??). Scared the mess out of me. She handled it well. Especially considering I was so freaked out, when I showed her, I said something like “Ok, I hit your car. I’m sorry. It’s not so bad, though, right? (said waving my hands at the dent)” And then I pretty much ran to my car, got in, and started driving away as she stood there staring at her truck.

18. I worry daily about people that I cannot change; that I cannot fix.

19. It’s strange, I would’ve expected the opposite effect, but in the last year, I’ve become less compassionate, and a bit colder. It’s not that I don’t care, but I just have gotten to the point where I feel like people expect too much of me. A person can only give so much. To better explain this, I will say that I had a couple of people come to me with their problems after my dad passed away, and I simply wanted to shake them and say “it could be so much worse!” In my defense, my dad suffered quite a bit before he passed, pancreatic cancer is a horrible, horrible way to die, and having to witness that, I think it would’ve been impossible for me to stay the same person.

20. I think some of the most fun that I have is with my family. My mom is quiet but she is hilarious. And my sister…well, Rheba is an odd duck, and full of flair.

21. Every movie that I went to in 2011, I went to see more than once. Breaking Dawn...I went to see 3 times. lol

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