Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A big love for Idiots wearing fascinators, dressed in tinfoil, eating fried chicken at the Crack Shack

Ok, that's just a jumble of what this blog is about...but hey, it got you to read it :)

If you know me well at all, you know that I have a never-ceasing love of fried chicken.  I love it.  This might just explain my fabulous curves a bit :)

In my opinion, the Cracker Box a/k/a Crack Shack has the BEST chicken strips ever…and luckily it’s just steps behind my office. 

Another thing that I love about the Crack Shack is the smiling faces that greet you there.  Not a day goes by that you can’t find some of the County Commissioners or the PGBC pastoral staff eating lunch.  And rarely do I walk in there that D. Ray doesn’t greet me with “Well, there’s my street walker, don’t forget to add mine to your bill.” (I campaigned for him in 2006).  It’s just such a nice place to eat lunch. A little slice of Mayberry, if you will.

And Mrs. Julie…I love Mrs. Julie.  She is always as sweet as she can be…and fabulous, that woman is fabulous.  We became Crack Shack friends, and then we became Facebook friends…which you know is the all-official sign of a true friendship. :)  Maybe it was our bonding over our love of big hair and loud hair accessories.  I must say, it’s nice to find someone in Trenton that can appreciate a big fascinator.  

After being (ahem!) rushed through lunch by my dear friend Crystal Rodgers, I went up to pay and got to chat with Mrs. Julie.  She had read the beginning of my post this morning where I referenced wedding planning…and she said something that rather blessed my heart. 

She said “I read your post this morning and I thought ‘What? Aleta is getting married?’”

My response was “Oh hell no, Mrs. Julie.”  Haha

She said “I thought “Someone must have swept Aleta off her feet.  He must be a really special guy.”

:)  That made me smile.  Yes, it will take a very special guy to sweep me off my feet.  Sadly, no.  I haven’t met Mr. Right just yet.  Or maybe I have and just don’t know it yet.  Still, I am hopeful.   

Over the years, I’ve watched others strike out in love and completely give up.  It’s sad…they become bitter…and don’t want to try any more.  Believe me, I know it’s an easy hole to fall into.  I have those days too.   However, I still feel like every experience molds us…shapes us into something that will one day be beneficial to the one we are meant for.  At least that’s my belief…

Marriage still scares the hell out of me…I’ll be honest.  It really does.  Commitment…Forever…Every time I hear those two words it kind of makes me want to run screaming for the hills.  Still, it’d be nice to meet my knight in shining armor instead of an idiot dressed in tin foil.

Sigh…it will happen eventually.

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  1. It will happen, sweet friend. But as my momma always told me, it's better to be single than to wish you were ;) Finding Mr. Right takes time, but God will send him your way one of these days and I can hardly wait to meet him.

    Heaven help, we'll have to keep Adam away from him. Lord only knows what he would say to "help."