Friday, July 3, 2009

Hittin' the road...

This week has been super lame. No real hot news coming my way this week. It’s been a bit dull at the Journal, at home, in town, etc. Frankly, I’ve had about enough “blah” for one week. So, I, along with my dear friend KW, are hittin’ the road tomorrow. Well, tomorrow afternoon I will be heading back to my dear, sweet Carrabelle. Go figure, right? I hope and pray that it’ll be even better than last time. I’m excited…but still a little nervous, as always. I absolutely HATE packing. It is no fun whatsoever. I never know what to pack, so I wind up taking WAY too many clothes so I will have some choices. Don’t even get me started on trying to figure out which shoes and purses to bring along…

Now that I’ve figured out most of the outfits that I will bring, I still have to: bake cookies, get a birthday present to where it looks presentable, pack up all of my make-up and hair junk, paint my nails, clean out my purse, etc., etc., etc. None of this do I actually want to do. I took the easy route in cleaning my car and just took it to the “buggy bath” in Chiefland.

I just hope that we have a safe, super fun trip. I hope that all y’all have a safe and happy Fourth, too.

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