Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reason #4,380 why Aleta doesn't need to be in Customer Service

I will gladly admit that I am not the World’s best when it comes to the customer service department. I’ll even tell you that sometimes, I’m just plain mean.

That being said, I would like to state here that if you ACT LIKE AN IDIOT, I will treat you like you’re stupid.

Here are some examples of the phone calls that I’ve had this morning:

Me: “Gilchrist County Journal, how can I help you?”

Dummy 1: “I need to speak with someone about placing an ad.”

Me: “I may can help you with that, what do you need…”

--We discuss pricing/how to submit the ad—

Dummy 1: “Y’all are located in Gilchrist County, right?”

Me: “Ummm….yes.”


No, dumb butt, we are actually located in Dixie County, we just call it The Gilchrist County Journal for the heck of it.

Phone Convo 2:

Me: “Gilchrist County Journal, how can I help you?”

Dummy 2: This is _____ from the __________ law office. I need your legal department.”

Me: --already irritated because they call us ALL THE TIME about stupid stuff. Seriously, at least 5 times a week. “I can help you with that, what did you need?”

Dummy 2: “I need to know a sale date for Case No: ________”

Me: “Ummmm….ok.” I look it up, growing more irritated. I have a brief discussion with Chris about how idiotic these people are.

Me: “Ma’am, it’s October the __ at ___ a.m. And can I ask you a question…(no need to really wait for an answer, seeing as how I’m going to ask anyways) Isn’t this YOUR case? Don’t YOU submit the legal with the date of the sale on it? Or are you at least in communication with the Courthouse?”

Dummy 2: (stutters) “Well, yes, but sometimes the Clerk just puts that on the legal notice and sends it to your paper without telling us the date.”

Me: “Ok, I (might could,…though I seriously doubt it) understand this. But why didn’t you call the Courthouse (sorry, Lyndsay!)? I just wouldn’t think with needing to know a sale date, why you would call our office OVER the courthouse?”

Dummy 2: “Uhhhhh….I’m sorry.”

On the Law Office note, sometimes they call and ask me who the defendants were…I’m like “IT’S YOUR CASE!!!”

It’ll drive a person batty!


  1. I am laughing so hard. The misadventures of the Gilchrist County Journal. This post makes me miss you Aleta! I can't wait get there in the morning and witness some of the craziness AND eat all the candy corn left on my desk....HA!

  2. Aleta, I had no idea they called you for stuff like that!! If Mr. John doesn't mind just tell them to call me, that's my job and yes they are retarded because they get a copy of the legal when I send you yours. There's no help for them though:)