Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 2 with Miss Genealogy

I call her that, just because of last week’s post. Actually, this week she didn’t ask questions about my family tree…she asked about my marital status.

Picture it…

We’re sitting in the Sunday School room, talking about Moses… Out of nowhere, Miss G asks me and Sam how old we are. I say 24, Sam says 23.

She looks at us shocked. With a very serious face, Miss G says, “Y’all should be married by now!”

Sam says “Don’t we know it,” and then goes into Sunday School teacher-mode and talks about how God hasn’t sent the right guys into our life, yada-yada. All I can do is laugh hysterically.

Miss G gets out of her seat, as I’m laughing and pats me on the back and says “Why are you laughing? It’s sad.”

I start cracking up again.

Lord, I’m in for it this year…this girl is a hoot!


  1. She does sound like a hoot!! Can't wait to hear more about the antics of Miss G!!!

  2. Stop it. SHE DID NOT? OH MY. I think maybe you should send her to the college and career class, LOLOL

  3. If she is not a reason to get up and go to sunday school then I have never heard one!!! What a hoot.

  4. You will have to keep sharing these stories...I am laughing so hard:) What kind of parents does she have??