Friday, October 8, 2010

Turning two and Poh-ta-bots

Well, y’all, one of my favorite little people turned 2 today :)

At first sight, Miss Allie Claire Mizell had me wrapped around her little finger. I felt as antsy as the family probably felt days before she was born. Which is funny, because up until then, I had never really liked kids. I just couldn’t wait to meet this little girl. I can remember Carrie bringing her into the Journal just days after she was born and my. heart. was. won.

...And don't get me started on when she told me "I La You" or when she called me "Leeeeeda, Leeeeeeda." Blessed my heart!

One of the perks of my job would definitely have to be getting to see Allie Claire and Gus and getting to hear all the funny stories about them. I know that my friends probably get sick of hearing all the stories, especially since most of them have never met the famous duo. I think pretty much everything those two do is just darling or the funniest thing ever. What can I say? I’m the smitten “adopted” Aunt. :)

Is this purse cute or what??

Well, this year, while looking on the Vera Bradley site, I found something that Miss Allie Claire certainly could not live without. The cutest little purse ever! I also found her some hair bows and Little Critter book (I LOVE the Little Critter Series), a gift card to Chick-Fil-A after I heard of her recent French fry addiction :) and a Dora the Explorer sticker book. Boy, she seemed thrilled with the stickers. She even decorated Mr. John’s check book binder…I’m sure he’ll chuckle when he sees Dora and Boots all over it on Monday.

Amazed with the 276 Dora and Boots Stickers :)

Later on, she went searching for her hair bows, and wanted several in her hair. Carrie was busy on the phone, so I wanted to entertain myself…I mean her. Hehe. First, she wanted the pink one…then the “Poh-ta-bot one”…How cute is that?!!!

Then, the little Miss decided she wanted to talk on the phone. Doesn’t she look like a good secretary??--Please note the sippy cup in her hand. To that I would like to say "Darlin', sometimes I want to drink at work too..." haha.

I hope that Miss Allie has the most wonderful birthday ever and I hope that she knows that she is a very special, very loved, little girl.


  1. Love this post Aunt Aleta! She is pretty special. I love the little Vera too. I hope that Allie and Gus give you lots of funny stories to tell over the next few years!

  2. Aleta, I love this post!!! You are the best "adopted" aunt. Allie loved her birthday present and proudly sported her new Vera purse to church yesterday. Thank you again, sweet friend.

  3. Love that you bought her a Vera purse already! LOL what a sweet adopted aunt!