Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cold-hearted morons

Well, y’all, I’m aggravated. Once again. This afternoon, I opened my email up and one of the headlining news articles was about the people that protest soldiers’ funerals. I don’t know about y’all…but just the thought of that INFURIATES me.

In the pictures that went with the article, they stand there, across from the church or funeral and hold signs saying “Thank God for dead soldiers,” “God hates America,” and “Thank God for IEDs.” OMG! It makes me SO angry!!!! They hide behind their “Freedom of Speech.” Yes, sure, you have your right to free speech. HOWEVER, I don’t feel that you have the right to protest a funeral. What are you accomplishing anyways?? And what kind of person would do that? How can you not feel sympathy for a family that has just lost their son/daughter/sibling/relative/friend, because they chose to fight for our country?

In closing this rant, let me mention two things: Do they not realize that the First Amendment that is protecting them, was brought into place because soldiers fought and DIED for us to have the freedom that we do have? AND If they think that God hates America so much, why are they still here???

Frankly, my dears, I believe we’re dealing with a bunch of cold-hearted morons here.


  1. THE SCUM OF THE EARTH! I love the bikers that come to the funerals to deal with the morons though!