Friday, March 1, 2013

Just a girl...

I’m just a girl. I love red lipstick. I love to dress up. I love the look of heels, but can never choose them over my flip-flops. I love bright nail polish. I love to paint my nails, but I always wind up with “sheet nails.” I speak my mind. I’m quiet until you get to know me; then, when you get to know me…you see a whole new side. I’m gullible. I overreact. I can throw a hissy fit like none other. I get my feelings hurt far too easy. I’m just a girl.

Trying to get glitter nail polish off AND Toys-R-Us at Christmas is my own personal hell on earth. There’s nothing better to me than a movie day with my best friend. Carrabelle is my favorite place ever…Savannah being a close second. I am a foodie. I will plan my vacations around restaurants I want to try. I hate when people discredit me because I’m a woman or because I’m young. I believe in buying clothes that look good on you, nevermind the designer label, nevermind the cost. I believe that everyone can be beautiful. I love makeup. I can’t go anywhere without at least foundation, concealer, powder, blush, and mascara on. I’m just a girl.

I hate going into Walmart. I’m sweet until you make me angry…then it’s on. I love to bake, but I don’t enjoy cooking. I hate obligations. I hate all shower (bridal, baby, etc) games. I love white trash tv shows. I try to fix people. I love men with dark hair and light eyes. There are fewer things I like more than a deep Southern drawl. I am a hypocrite. I’m just a girl.

I love a man with a little pudge around his belly. I love reading. I love peach cobbler. I hate when people cough. I love Twilight. I love to write. I love to people watch. I love sad songs. I love a good affair song. I’m just a girl.

Grace Metalious is my hero (if you don’t know about her, read up). I love Urban Decay. I love the rain. I can be mad at someone and within five minutes they can make me laugh, and the thing that made me mad is gone with the wind. I love the Fall. I love hats, scarves, headbands…any accessory that will make my outfit. I believe that everyone has good qualities if you look hard enough. I’m just a girl.

I love to travel. I hope to have my life in order within the next five years. The future scares me. I am a walking contradiction. I love to gossip. I love to laugh more than anything in this world. I hate scary movies. I am a compulsive facebook checker. I have OCD tendencies. I love Southern Living Magazine. I have the patience of crack-crazed lab rat. My mood swings will give you whiplash. I believe in the power of sunshine. One thing I’ll never understand is why people ask my opinion about things. I’m just a girl.

I love big bows. I love Karter Lee. My family is awesome. I like all the wrong guys. I believe that size and age are just numbers. I have a horrible temper. Sometimes I drink too much and delete people off of my facebook. I’m dying to get a tattoo. I’m just a girl.

I fail. I try. I hope. I care. I hate. I apologize. I want. I expect. I rock. I wish. I do. I succeed. I love. I will. I am…just a girl.

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  1. Well I believe you just about covered it all. LOL.
    You are so sweet and special Aleta!!! I'm so glad we're friends!