Monday, February 25, 2013

Moody Myrtle here...

Omergarsh. One of my biggest pet peeves is being interrupted. I. Cannot. Stand. It.

Don’t interrupt me when I’m watching one of my favorite tv shows…because chances are, when you do, I’ll miss something vitally important that will keep me out of the loop the rest of the show.

Don’t interrupt me when I’m trying to eat…It is inevitable, you will catch me with my mouth full of food, and as soon as you ask me a question, the food will grow in my mouth, and it will take me at least a minute and a half to try to chew it and swallow it because I’m trying to hurry. Plus, I will most likely be tempted to stab you with my fork.

Don’t interrupt me when I’m eating dessert. It’s my own little time in heaven…so shut the hell up already.

Don’t interrupt me when I’m trying to text. I’ll end up effing the message up, because I’m trying to talk and text at the same time, and will get a response like “huh” back, and it will make me all mad again. Example: In trying to text Susie that Jim Bob has been running around on Lana, I end up texting Lana and get myself all sorts of fouled up.

Don’t interrupt me when I’m on the phone.

OMG, and don’t, DON’T, try telling me to tell so-n-so (whoever I’m on the phone with) something for you. I’m trying to have a conversation with the person on the phone…not be the go-between between you and said person.

Even if I look like I’m playing a game on my phone…I may be doing something like watching Jennifer Lawrence’s post-Oscar interview, and I may not really give a damn about what you’re trying to say at that very moment.

Don’t interrupt me when I’m shopping. Retailers…if I need your assistance, I will certainly seek you out. Otherwise, please for the love of pinto beans, don’t follow me around the store trying to “assist” me. It’s annoying, and honestly, it makes me not want to buy anything.

And don’t…don’t interrupt me when I’m trying to blog. I lose my concentration, my thoughts become fuzzy, and I don’t write as well…

That’s all for today folks…Moody Myrtle is running rampant today, and people are workin’ my last nerve.

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