Sunday, January 31, 2010

Birthdays Birthdays everywhere…

Krystle and Jess
So, January has been a busy month for me. I absolutely love to plan things, so planning 2 birthday parties was just what I needed to get my mind off of other things.
One of my best/oldest friends, Krystle (KW), celebrated her birthday on January 8th. The invitations were sent. The rather ugly, but yummy, cake was made. And we had a really good time. We went to the Ivy House in Alachua for dinner, then went back to KW’s for cake. Here are some of the pics.

Memorable things about KW’s birthday: road rage on the way to Alachua. The “Black Ice” text message. Story time with Naomi. Wayne’s black eye. Talking about “ghetto” Barbie and guns. And Maddie’s Beauty and the Beast stripdown….A good time was had by all :)
A birthday that fell in between the two parties was Mr. Dennis’. I used to work with him at Hitchcocks, and he is always so sweet. And I absolutely adore his wife too. They are just some of the nicest people. So, when I looked through my birthday book, and saw that his was coming up, I had to think of a good new cake to fix. (I always feel like I make the same cakes for Hitchcocks). After my friend Jackie’s suggestion, I decided to bake a peaches and cream cake. All I can say is, ooh-la-la, y’all. I got good reviews from Hitchcocks. I did taste-test the sweet cream icing…and o.m.g. it was wonderful.

On the 21st, my friend Jess celebrated her 24th birthday. This year is special, because she is expecting her first baby this year (and I will say here that our little group couldn’t be more excited!). I thought and thought about a theme, and couldn’t come up with anything. So, when I asked Jess what her favorite restaurant was and she just said that she really wanted some good seafood, my wheels started spinning. The “Crabby Girls’ night out” idea was born. Moo-hahahahaha…lol.
Invitations were made. Favors were made.
Little cartons full of candy

Mini photo albums

Jess said that she didn’t want a cake, but that her favorite sweets were peanut butter blossoms and rice crispy treats. So, I wanted to please the preggo :) But I had to personalize them a bit.

Crabby Rice Crispy Treats

We all had a really good time. Though, I think Brittney was scared of the restaurant. If I remember correctly, statements like “This is where old people go to die” and “This place smells like a museum” were mentioned. (If you are wondering what was meant about the first comment, please realize that we were the only ones eating there that were under 50.)
Interesting things that happened…We saw what the hippie generation grew up to be. We all crammed into my car to take pics and eat cookies (it was really cold outside). Lol. Brittney got pulled over (thankfully no ticket). Jess R. realized how vitally important her left ring finger was. And KW took a nosedive into her living room floor :) Good times. Memorable it was.

Things I learned on Friday night… 1) Never assume that you and your friend are alone in a multi-stall bathroom. I learned this the hard way. When I got into the bathroom at Seabreeze, I remembered I was wearing a girdle. I said “KW, I forgot I was wearing a girdle, these things are HARD to get on and off in a small bathroom stall.” KW replied in a hushed shrill voice “We’re not alone.” To which I replied “Just my luck.” KW and I giggled and giggled. When the other lady came out of the stall, the woman just looked at KW, didn’t smile or anything. WTH? Seriously, that is just my luck. :) 2) KW’s big bamboo-looking chair is not where she needs to sit…or where anyone needs to sit for that matter. Lol. 3) KW has no idea who the singers to old and moderately-old country songs are…


  1. So do you hire out for little boy's birthday party invitation making?!? I had no idea you were so crafty!! All of your invitations, favors are so cute! Looks like y'all had lots of fun...

  2. Seriously, the invitations, favors and treats are way too cute! You are such a great friend. Looks like you all had a fun time.

  3. Oh my gosh, don't we all have Seabreeze memories?! Ha Ha, I know what you mean about all the old people. I haven't been down there to eat in at least a hundred years, but I doubt it's changed much! You need to pat yourself on the back, all the invites, cakes, favors and the crab treats turned out SO cute. What a great friend you are!

  4. Hahaha...first of all...I have my own Seabreeze memory!!

    The invitations are awesome! You did such a great job! :) Maybe you should plan my next birthday...though I don't wanna celebrate this one! ;)

    The cakes look yummy!! It looks like ya'll had a blast!!

  5. Those crabs were awesome!! You and your momma are so talented!