Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For the love of Cheesy Tots

I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, but I never can seem to make it out to my computer at night anymore…partly due to our “stamping room” (where the computer is located) being about 20º colder than the rest of the house. So, today, I thought I’d play catch up a bit while I’m at lunch.

Well, today…my thumbs are tired. Of course, it’s from wildly texting Krystle all morning (big surprise). As a side note, I wonder if, in like 20 years, people will start being diagnosed with some form of funky thumb disorder that we all earned by texting every chance we got. Or maybe, in billions of years, because of “evolution,” maybe we will have like super thumbs or something….just a thought.

But I digress,…I was texting Krystle this morning…We were talking about Nascar, skinny boys in wranglers, and my “type of guy” (which by the way, I’m becoming increasingly concerned because it’s beginning to look like my “type of guy” is pudgy guys that are buttholes..Im not so concerned about the pudge. I do love a chubby guy....just not the buttholes). Suddenly, I was possessed. I started texting Krystle faster and faster, going off on a tear about “just some stupid guy” that shall remain nameless. It’s funny how sometimes we think that we are over something, then something reminds us of it, and we get pissed all over again. Although I’m certainly trying to watch my anger issues in this new year, I must say that I have pinned up my mini voo-doo doll, and it is hanging nicely upside-down on my wall at work. Just a heads-up, apparently I’m not over it, so “just some stupid guy” be warned…I may possibly throw a grade-A, Aleta hissy fit the next time I’m blessed with your presence, and I may not be able to contain myself when I want to kick you in the shin and suckerpunch you in the gut. Just a warning.

OMG, I must simply blog about this. This is one of those “you know you’re a chubby girl when” stories. Right before Christmas, I had done one of my anonymous “good deeds,” and decided to reward myself with cheesy tots from Burger King (considering I had not yet had breakfast).—I can seriously attribute about 20lbs of me to cheesy tots and iced coffee that I thoroughly enjoyed while going to school.—Anyways, so I pulled up to the drive thru and ordered… “Ma’am, we don’t have them anymore. They’ve been discontinued.” “What??!” is all I could muster. I swear, y’all, I think chubby girls everywhere cried a little that day. :_(

Christmas with my family this year was wonderful and yet anxiety-ridden. I say that because I stayed on “near panic attack” mode all through the holidays. We were given some news that made us all a little anxious on Christmas Eve, and we had to wait until after the New Year to get the results. But my family had a happy, healthy, wonderful Christmas and that was a true blessing.

Just a little note—we got good results, so after all that worrying, everything was ok.

Now onto my New Years resolutions. I plan on trying to control my anger (which I seem to be succeeding at superbly haha). I plan on yet another attempt at losing weight (I have the desire…just not the will or staying power…lol). I WILL take time to read more this year (4 years of college deprived me of my pleasure reading). And I HOPE to figure out what I want to get my MA degree in this year (and possibly start school again in the fall). Oh wait, one more, I also resolve to not be such a “potty mouth.” I have GOT to work on that one.

I hope that everyone that reads this is having a wonderful New Year. My wish for all of y’all is that everyone you love has a happy, healthy New Year.


  1. Love the post Aleta! You crack me up!!! You'll laugh at this one.....I went to Arby's one time years ago, and ordered (what one would normally order) at Arby's. The person said "we're out of roast beef." and I was like "THIS IS ARBY'S --HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE OUT OF ROAST BEEF?" LOL
    Happy New YEar to you too!!

  2. You are CRAZY! I had NO idea you were crazed over cheesy tots. My weakness is Zaxby's onion rings. Oh Lawdy, they are Satan!