Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jimbo's Ride

So,…this weekend was rather un-eventful. I’ve been battling a cold the last couple of days (and I HATE being sick), but all of this started out when I lost my voice. All weekend long I sounded like a boy hitting puberty. Either my voice got really high, or went really raspy and low. Not fun. In fact, when I called Hitchcocks to see if they had the new Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade magazine, I was told “God, you sound horrible.” Nice, huh? Way to attract customers *cough, cough*.
Well, besides the fact that I’m sick, I did get to do something fun this weekend. For most, this would come as a shock…but I LOVE rodeos. Surprised, right? And I really like the bull riding. Maybe it’s just all the excitement of it. I can remember my parents taking me when I was little (which was rather frequently, considering there wasn’t a whole lot happening here back then…It was before the days of the Chiefland Super Walmart. lol) and it always seemed like they’d blast Garth Brooks “Rodeo” right before the bull-riding would start. Have I mentioned that I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE me some Garth Brooks? He, seriously, is still super hot…and probably will be til he’s like 80. :) Trisha, I’m so jealous.

But I digress…I love rodeos. So, when my sister told me that Jimmy a/k/a “Jimbo” was going to be riding this weekend in a bull ride I was super excited. I’ve seen Jimmy ride a few times, and honestly, I’m always sitting on the edge of my seat. It always makes me nervous when he goes to ride (I will add here that I was told he lost 11 teeth riding a few weeks ago when he head-butted a bull….thank God for a good oral surgeon…he’s only 16). See, I love Jimbo dearly. I’m considering him my adopted little brother. He’s one of the two friends of Rheba’s that I actually like (being Jimmy and Carly).

Well, we had a blast at the bull ride (except for my minor hissy fit…but I won’t get into that here). So, I will share a couple of pictures.

Jimbo and his groupies…lol…Rheba and Carly.

This is my #1 favorite bull rider, the Jimbo, all geared up for his ride.

This is Jimmy riding. (The biggest bull out of the bunch. My tummy was in knots).

Also, I will say here that I LOVE my camera and its lens. You might need to enlarge this last picture …but you can actually see the snot coming out of the bull’s nose. Gross, I know…but how awesome is it that my camera caught that? Ok…maybe it just excites me…but I do love my camera :)
All I can say is...I sure am proud of Jimmy...And I'm so happy that he's found something that he can have fun doing (even if it makes his adopted family a little nervous :) )

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  1. I can imagine watching some one you know ride a bull would make you nervous...I think that would scare me as much or maybe more than watching Wes racing. At least when he is racing he has several different safety features that he either wears or has in the car to help protect him from injury!