Monday, August 30, 2010

My new Sunday school class

I was introduced to my new Sunday school class yesterday. This was actually the second week with the new 3rd graders, but I missed last week because I was out of town. So, this was MY first week with them. To say we have a few characters is putting it mildly.

As we were beginning class a little girl interrupted Sam and pointed to me. She said, “I have a question…What is your name?” I answered her. Then she asked, “Who are your parents?” I tell her. She started racking her brain trying to figure out people she knew with the last name Sheffield. “Are you related to that lady that works at school that’s a helper?” “Are you related to so-n-so Watson?” “Oooh, you’re related to the Arringtons?! Are you related to Mr. Junior?” She was full-on wanting my pedigree, y’all. Too funny. You could tell she was a Southerner!

I think that this year will be better than last year. Last year’s kids were a hoot too, but it was hard coming into it during the middle of the year and trying to get them adjusted to a new routine and all. So, I do hope that it runs smoother last year.


  1. Good luck with your new class. Miss geneology sounds like a hoot!!

  2. Wow, 3rd graders...yall are some brave girls!! Good luck!! ;)

  3. OH my! That little Miss sounds like a handful! Glad you have a good class though!

  4. What a hoot!!! Was that Allie Claire two years from now, or what?! You know CJ's grandchild is going to be getting down to the business. Ha!!!