Friday, November 12, 2010

How to flirt while at work...

This has been a question plaguing me lately. I mean, really, how do you do it? Now, to give you a little bit of a back story… I’ve spent the last few months fluctuating from feeling like I was going crazy to that feeling you have when you slam your hand in a car door. Don’t ask (said rolling my eyes). But lately, I think that my blood is running hot again. Lol. As bad as it might sound, I find this to be a GOOD thing. Darlin’, anything is better than despair in my book. So, a decent-looking guy came in the office the other day and I thought “hmmmm….” But because I most often work with guys towards the end of the week, how does one go about flirting with a customer? Let’s be honest here, I feel like it would be very obvious to even try to flirt here. First off, Wednesday through Friday, in the office, you can typically hear a pin drop. Secondly, whether it be because I’m not a morning person, not a good customer service person, or what have you…I typically play the roll of angry secretary #1 here at the office. So, adding a little spring to my step, or even smiling/being nice to the customers might be out of character for me. What, oh, what is a girl to do?

Next Question, as mentioned on my facebook, I completely understand a man not wearing a wedding ring b/c he might lose his finger on equipment. But when they don’t wear one, it is VERY HARD for single girls to know whether they’re married or not w/o asking or asking around.

Any suggestions?


  1. I am laughing so hard right now! I don't think I am the one to give flirting advice so I won't tackle that question. As for the non-ring-wearing men out there, I guess all you CAN do is ask around unless it comes up in conversation. Good luck, cause I can imagine what it would be like at your office:) HA!

  2. Well let me just get up off the floor!!! When did a decent looking man roll through the Journal doors?! Was I getting tea next door, or in the bathroom. Years, I tell, I waited years for Prince Charming to come through those doors and whisk me away...but it never happened so I am in shock over a good looking man finally coming in. I say, flirt your heart out! ;)

  3. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Flirt away Darlin' if it keeps you away from my baby daddy!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! You know what I'm talking about ya and go get your flirt on!!!

  4. No ideas here, but the story is hysterical!!