Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So, I'm going on vacation on Friday. I am super excited. But I still have a ton of things to do. Pack, finish my class work, wash my car, vacuum out my car, paint my toe nails black (yes...I love that look) are just a few of the things I have to get done. But what am I doing? Blogging...haha.

Anyways, tonight i am stressed. Tummy hurting, skin itching, hair pulling stress. Not fun at all. I'm a little torn between having a bleeding heart and wanting to "fix" things, and being mad as hell. Oh, frustration. Why, oh why, does this have to be a topsy turvy world? Why do people have to break our hearts and let us down?

As a side note...the new Rascal Flatts song "Here comes goodbye" makes me cry everytime I hear it...and now it's playing ALL the time. Strangely, it comes on at the most "ironic" moments.


  1. Keep your mind off the stressful things, paint those toenails black (bursts out in song..."she likes her nails painted black...") and ENJOY THAT VACATION!!!!!!!! Have a great time!!!

  2. Hope you have a great vacation! Leave all your worries behind and just enjoy a break.

  3. yea, next time you start to stress.. think about what I kept saying to Amy hehehe ;)