Sunday, May 31, 2009

Drobby bop us off...

Amy, KW and I have begun speaking jibberish this weekend. Well, that, and making odd noises.
KW and I went to Carrabelle this weekend….and I, once again, had a blast. Let me give you all some of the high points of our mini trip.

1. As we were checking into the Inn, a man that KW has deemed “Dark Charlie,” asked me a question that at first I didn’t understand. When I looked to KW for help after the second time he repeated himself (w/o me understanding him), we realized that he was asking us if we were going to “Visit Corrections.” I’m still assuming that he meant “are you going to visit a prisoner?” What do we look like, Dark Charlie, two inmate’s wives? No, there are NOT any conjugal visits in our near future…my goodness.
This brings me to #2…
2. KW and I have come to the conclusion that Dark Charlie might believe us to be women ill repute. With the way we come and go in the Inn, and the hours we keep, and the fact that we keep returning frequently, AND because I pay in cash each time, we think he might have this impression.
3. We’ve all decided that Bobby likes the “booty” song WAY too much. And his Kermit the frog dancing (dancing like he has no backbone) is a little weird. Maybe you should just keep your day job pal. :)
4. Speaking of dancing…KW might need to consider her “bubble” while bustin’ a move. With all the flailin’ around, people and their drinks might be in danger, sweetie. :) Wish I could’ve seen that one. But then again, what is a girl supposed to do when poker face comes on, right??
5. I apparently am not only a nut magnet. I also tend to attract men of a certain caliber (Dark Charlie’s been talking to people in the area, I swear!). I can now add “felons” to my list of men who find me attractive…Now it’s gay men, old men, foreigners, and felons. Where, oh where, is a good “squishy” boy??
6. Onto the jibberish. I noticed myself doing this quite a bit last night. Saying half a sentence to someone, then mumbling under breath the other half of it. Sadly, most of the time, KW and Amy knew what I was talking about. It’s that old tele-pathy, haha. However, this did get us in a bit of trouble last night. As we were speaking jibberish, another guy overheard and thought that we were talking about him….he didn’t appreciate it too much, and wanted to throw down on the KW.
7. My baby daddy and I started talking about how cute our kid would be.
8. Finally, somewhere along the lines, KW got mixed up in saying “Bobby drop us off” and it turned into “Drobby bop us off.” This was the hil-ar-ious phrase of the night (at least to me).

I was so very glad to be able to get away for a bit and have fun with friends. I really needed it after the hellacious week last week. Speaking of which….if I find out who sent a dumb anonymous letter to me by mail, there will be serious heck to pay. I swear, does anyone have a moral-o-meter anymore? Dang. If someone’s going to send me that crap in the mail, they should at least have the balls to own up to it. But I digress…

In other news, I am a college graduate. I made all A’s this semester, so I graduated with a cumulative gpa of 3.9. Yay! I was just so happy to be done for a bit. I’m going to continue on, but it will be nice to have a little bit of rest in between.


  1. So, so glad to hear you plan to keep going to school! We need you at the GCJ to liven things up and share information. We are so proud of you smart girl with your 3.9!!!

    Happy to hear that you had a fun wknd. You'll have to share details later. Until then, don't let the nut who sent you the self-help crap get you down. Clearly they need to get a life!

  2. First. YAY!! You Blogged!!
    Second, I'm glad you had a good time being bopped off.
    I can't tell you the last time I had a good bopping off.
    It was mucho -fun-o!