Tuesday, February 12, 2013


If you were to have never met me, and you were to read what I write THEN meet me in person, I probably wouldn’t be what you would expect. Really, it’s not so much that I’m different; it’s just that I have always been better at expressing myself through written word than through speech. In writing, I am clear and confident and my personality is able to shine through; and yet, speaking, I can become insecure, uncertain, awkward, and never fully able to express myself.

Writing is an outlet for me, a release. Even with my best friend, whom I love dearly, sometimes I am unable to speak the words letting her know exactly what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling. Sometimes, I just have to send her an email or text.

This being said, I am finding my voice. For this, I am thrilled. I feel more confident; bolder. I enjoy this form of expression. I am able to convey my thoughts as eloquently or down-to-earth as I feel like.  Sometimes my posts aren't all sunshiney and happy, but these are based on my thoughts, my words, my life.
I so enjoy the comments from those that take time to read my blog. One of my absolute favorite things to hear is that people find my posts relatable. That literally blesses my heart.

In summation, thank you to all that read my blog/posts. I greatly appreciate your support.

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