Monday, August 9, 2010

Finally! A good one!

So, if you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, you know that I’ve not really had the best luck with birthdays in the last few years. We will revisit for a minute. 18th—we wound up watching Deadliest Catch (not my fave show) during my birthday party b/c someone stole my remote. 19th—We went to Cedar Key where I got into a fight with one of my friends. 20th-- wasn’t so bad. 21st-- my grandma wound up having heart surgery (feel bad for her, too, here. My grandma and I have the same birthday). 22nd-- I had gall bladder issues and mono and was sick as a dog while staying in New Smyrna Beach. 23rd –I went to Carrabelle, and wound up crying in a bar while trying to fight off a guy that looked like a redneck thug, who kept called me “Angela,” told me I had beautiful cheeks, thought the word “polygamy” was too big to use in normal conversation, and (forgive me here, PG13, this only came up because someone made a “cheer” about woman’s vagina being “space”) kept saying “I LOVE space.” –Can you see why I was crying?? I wanted to vomit.

So, needless to say, I’ve had some awful birthdays.

This year was different. I had an awesome birthday weekend. Friday night, (July 30), Krystle, Jess, and I went to the Ivy House for dinner. So so yummy. AND Krystle made me key lime cupcakes. To die for. :) Then we went to see the movie Ramona and Beezus. I love, love, LOVE that movie. It was so funny. There were kids in the Theater with us, but we were cracking up the loudest, by far. With KW and Jessica’s one-liners, my face was hurting from laughing so hard when I got home.

The next day, Krystle and I went shopping for pajamas. Well, that was the intention, anyways. We DID both get some new pajamas, but while out and about, we wound up shopping for shoes, headbands, earrings, some gifts for my Mama’s birthday, etc. It was a blast.

Me and Aunt Angie

My mama and me

Margaret (my adopted Grandma)

Aunt Angie, Rheba, Whitney, and KW

That night, I went over to Aunt Angie’s. I had known about the party she was throwing for me, but she hadn’t told me the theme. I walked in to find her dining room and kitchen looking like a luau. Flip flop streamers hung from the ceiling, bead curtains hung from a doorway, a half-naked man was plastered on the wall…and the food…you must see the pictures of the dessert table. T, being the perfectionist that she is, did an awesome job. Check this stuff out (look at the details).

Please note the detailed swimsuit and bikini on the teddy grahams

The super cute scallop cookies

the dessert table

the half-naked man

All of the food was wonderful, too. Chicken kabobs, pulled pork sandwiches, spinach dip, pea pickin’ cupcakes, and the list goes on and on, it was sooooo yummy.

That crew always has such a blast when we all get together. They my birthday so special this year. I will always remember all the effort they put into it. Sending big thank you’s to Aunt Angie for planning and throwing my party. T for putting so much effort into it. Jackie for all the help with it :) Krystle, for planning Friday night out and for pretty much spending your whole Saturday doing birthday stuff with me. And my mama, for helping with the cooking even though she was exhausted. I had a blast and couldn’t have asked for a better birthday!

Oh, I’d like to mention here that I got a beautiful zebra striped watch (my favorite) from Carrie and Allie Claire. It got AC’s approval, according to Carrie, because she kept taking it out of it’s box to look at it and kept saying “ooooooooooh” :) I felt special :-D


  1. What a fun birthday!!!!! Glad you finally had a great one!!!! I am wishing I had some of those desserts right about now!

  2. What a fun birthday! I am loving the teddy grahams all done up! That is too much. Glad you loved your watch...a-l-m-o-s-t as much as Allie did! Ha. I think if she could ask for it she might tell me that's what she wants for her 2nd birthday! I don't think so ;)

  3. I totally understand about bad Birthdays... this year just must be a good one, because mine was great too!! But more than I'm glad you had a good birthday, I hope you have an amazing year to go with it!!

  4. I'm so glad you had a great birhtday Aleta! The party looks like a blast and a love those scallop cookies (too cute)!