Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mid-Twenties Meltdown list

As mentioned in a post written last week, I am dead in the middle of my mid-twenties meltdown. Lol. There is so much I want to do and see and it’s been about to drive me nuts recently. I went to see the movie Eat Pray Love the other night with my friend KW. That movie is amazing. Just as soon as I could, I bought a copy of the book. I haven’t had the chance to get really far into it yet…but Elizabeth Gilbert is so easy to relate to. I won’t go all into it, because I highly recommend that y’all see this movie and read this book, but I’ll tell you something brief. After a messy, lengthy divorce and a bad break-up, she was left searching for something. Actually, she had been searching for something while tangled up in the divorce and break-up. She turns to God and she travels to Italy, India, and Indonesia. As mentioned above, this movie was amazing and inspiring, I’m sure the book will be as well.

I had been talking for the past few weeks to my friend Krystle about my latest revelation (also mentioned in a previous post)…the one about wanting to get out and do more. I’d been telling her places I wanted to visit and things I wanted to do. No worries, here, I won’t be traveling to Italy, India, or Indonesia, although they all looked beautiful. Last night, I compiled a list. Some are silly, some you will be like “why haven’t you just done this?” but it’s my list, nonetheless.

Mid-Twenties Meltdown List

-Take the time to get more involved in church again and start studying my Bible again.

-Get my ears pierced again.

-Learn to dance.

-Dance in the rain (Simple, I realize. But I need to first learn how to dance so people don’t see and think “OMG! That mentally challenged girl is having a seizure!”

-Learn better etiquette.

-Have professional photos taken (I rarely, RARELY like any pictures taken of me…So, to have nice ones done, would be great. And I don’t mean like the church, over-posed photos where they always catch me at the wrong angle. For instance, they will catch my double chin AND my arm flab flapping. Plus, they always make you stick your chin out at a really weird angle, where your neck may snap or you look like you need to be in a neck brace.).

-Write a book. I know that a lot of people say “oh, I should write a book.” But actually, this is something that I am passionate about and am trying to do.

-I want to learn to speak Italian and possibly Cajun French. My mama asked me the other night “Why Italian? Why not Spanish?” Spanish is practical and all, but my response was this “I DON’T want to understand what the field hands are saying while congregated in front of Walmart, looking at every woman that passes by.”

-I want to take more art, history, and humanities classes.

-Search for a career that WONT make me miserable in 10 years.

-Take a yoga class. Here, I question if I’m going crazy. The serenity and stress-management appeals to me with yoga. However, though I am pretty flexible, I have seen some of those poses, and I wonder if I (being the uncoordinated klutz I am) would be able to swing it. I tried one (after I had bought a book on yoga poses), and I couldn’t balance, and fell flat on my face.

-Make a drastic change. I have yet to decide what I want the change to be. I just want people to see and go “wow.”

-Let go. I want to be more willing to let go of my inhibitions and let go of my anger, resentments, and past bitterness. The other day, I compared myself to an aunt of mine. She passed away a few years ago, but when she died, she died a bitter, mean woman. I don’t want to ever get to that place. That really does scare me.

Places I want to visit

(Have I mentioned that I work with two women that absolutely love to travel?? Seeing and hearing their travel tales, only makes my longing to travel worse. :-D )

I want to go to Savannah again. I’ve been once, and I fell in love with it. I love seeing all the historic buildings, walking River Street, hearing the history of the town.

I want to go to the Beach Music Festival in Jekyll Island. They apparently have shag dance lessons. (which I have wanted to learn how to do since the first time I saw the movie “The Shag.”…can I get a Southern girl amen?)

Speaking of which, I want to go to Myrtle Beach.

New Orleans

St. Augustine. I’ve been a few times, but I haven’t gotten to spend much time exploring the city.

Charleston—Again, I’ve been, but didn’t get to take it all in. We went there for church camp.

Salem, just because of the history.


I want to take an unmapped road trip. Just go wherever we feel like, with no plans and no reservations. Try new restaurants, see new towns, etc.

I want to go up to maybe Northern Georgia or Northern Alabama and see the leaves in the fall.

This is my mid-twenties meltdown list as of right now. Hopefully, I will start checking things off of it, and adding more too it.


  1. If you live in the southeast, chances are, there is a shag club nearby, that can fix you up with shag classes. You can check to get started.

  2. you're too much, Aleta... I love your list! :)

  3. I'm sure some of those weren't meant to be hilarious, but I am sitting here, all by myself, laughing my behind off!! I love reading your stuff Aleta, and I'm gonna be one of the first in line to get an autograph WHEN your book comes out!! :-)

  4. cute list! I love savannah and why would you not want to understand the field hands? My friend Megan and I were walking around campus one day (a long time ago) and these 3 guys said something to us in spanish and we turned right around and answered them in spanish--they looked like they were about to wet their pants! HA on them!

  5. Such great plans Aleta! I hope that you are able to accomplish each & every one of them:)

  6. Hang in there... I know exactly how you feel... I hope you get to do all the things on your list!