Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet Leeto Cognito the FB police

Ok, I promised someone that I would post a blog about “rules” for facebook (or really any other friend/sharing site) after this weekend’s events. I would like to say here that I absolutely love fb, it gives you opportunities to stay connected with old friends, see photos of their kids, share photos, plan events, etc. etc. I love it. However, me being the easily-irritated (slightly hostile) person that I am, I’ve come up with a few rules that I think every fb member should adhere to.

1. For crying out loud, don’t put other people’s information out there for all the world to see. Have you no common sense? I am not going to disclose the information that was given to me (by the person that asked me to write this blog), but I’ll touch the situation. Say a friend calls and asks you a personal question. You give them the answer because you think it will help them, and because of the content, you think that the conversation will stay between you two. You later go on fb to read “Well, So-n-so said….” Really? I mean, you were too embarrassed to plaster the question you had on your wall, why on earth would you think that posting a friend’s answer would be ok??

2. One of my biggest hang-ups, by far, is reading the same thing, day-in and day-out on people’s statuses. –I will put here that if you are counting down to your husband coming home from the military or something, that is sweet, and this doesn’t apply to that-- (The worst, in my opinion) Example: “Day one of my P90X. It’s awesome!” next day… “Day two of my P90X. I’m really feeling it. It’s so awesome.” Next day… “Day three. P90X is so great. I love it.” --Ok. I don’t give a damn about P90X or how well you are doing with it. If you love it, that’s great…I hope that it works for you. I just don’t want to hear about it all. the. time. FB statuses aren’t meant to be used as infomercials. Another thing, while I’m on this… Don’t use lyrics to songs as all your statuses. Especially if it’s the SAME stupid song. Every single day. Monotony is boring. Try to spice it up. I swear to goodness, someone used the lyrics to “Smile” by Uncle Kracker for like 2 weeks, every stinkin’ day. Every time my home page popped up, there was that stupid song. And the thing was…I liked the song before that. Not now. I will say here, before I sound like a complete hypocrite, that I’ve done some of the same statuses before…but I would catch myself doing it and think “people don’t care…”

3. Grammar, spelling, etc. -- Texting is going to be the ruin of spelling/grammar/punctuation. I am certain of that. As a friend of mine just pointed out, there is a difference between “there,” “their,” and “they’re”…and they are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE. My hang-up is the sentences that go on and on with no punctuation marks. Ex: I’m going to the mall omg the vera Bradley purses are so cute I’m thinking about getting one but I’m not sure if mama will let me I hope she does though btw I’m loving Mike he’s the cutest boy ever and the best boyfriend y’all should be jealous. …….WTH? My eyes cross when I read posts like this. Use a period! Use a question mark! Have you ever heard of a comma?

4. I get invitations all the time. “Aleta, will you be my neighbor on Farmville?” “Help so-n-so raise their barn.” I don’t want to help you raise a damn barn. I’m not going to help you locate your missing cow. I’m not going to feed your stupid fish. Lol. Stop sending me invites!

These are my fb pet peeves of the moment.

Until next time….

Leeto Cognito

Supervisor of the FB “you’re annoying as H” department

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