Monday, January 5, 2009

For the love of chest hair

A few weeks ago, I found myself absolutely drooling when looking at one gorgeous man with his shirt half-unbuttoned. The sight of his chest (along with the rest of him) had me desperately searching for an ice-cold glass of sweet tea and a fan. My goodness. There are good-looking men everywhere…but there is a difference. See, he looked….well,… manly. This was when I realized how rare it is to find a chest hair bearin’, manly-handed, gun-totin’, non-manicured, non-pedicured man. It is this rare species that I, myself, am tryin’ to track down currently. These women that want to “feminize” men have lost their d*** minds. While I understand that sensitivity can be an endearing trait, I must say that I don’t want a girlie man that cries all the time and wants to discuss his “feelings.”
All I can say is…thank goodness on the day that I was at wits end trying not to drool and stutter, I had someone there to keep me in check. What can I say? I do LOVE a manly man. ;-)


  1. Thank you for posting this, it absolutely put a smile on my face, you crack me up!!

  2. My coworkers are looking at me like I am crazy because I am laughing out loud at my desk!! To funny for words, and I couldn't agree with you more:)

  3. That is so funny!! I would like to add that I want someone who will change a flat tire for me rather than me changing the tire!! :) Haha