Saturday, January 17, 2009

Randomness and Rosie

I read somewhere once a quote that went something like this: (not word for word I’m sure…I’ve never been able to find it again) “If you would have been born at a different time or a different place, God would have still given you the same people in your life.” I absolutely love this thought. I think that people are put into our lives for a reason. Along those lines, I am very blessed that God “peopled” my life with the friends and family that He did.
I went to lunch today (at the wonderful, marvelous Ivy House) with one of my very best friends, Krystle. We have been partners-in-crime since about Kindergarten. It’s one of the things you have to be thankful for with small towns. Her mom and my mom were friends in high school, and then we were able to grow up together here in Chiefland as well. Whether it be making a new club (for an elect few) in Mrs. Beasley’s third grade class, singing Reba McIntyre songs because we knew one day we were going to be stars, smashing cans on our heads to prove we were strong (and winding up in the nurse’s station because we were stupid), driving Punky’s Putt-Putt down the road and getting it stuck numerous times, gossiping on how B.B.’s butt looked in his new Wranglers in McKinstry’s class, or vacationing together, it is always an adventure. Throughout the span of our friendship we have had many bumps along the way, but when I thank God for all of the blessings in my life, KW is always on the list. Sadly, even though KW and I have been friends for roughly 18 years, and been around my dad a blue-million times, my dad still can’t get her name right. It’s either Kimberly Wimberly or Rosie (we’ve never been sure why Rosie…?).
On nights like tonight, when I am feeling a little down, I have to look at all of the great things in my life and try to remember the things that make me laugh. Thinking about KW and me over the years always brings a smile to my face. Another great thing that I learned today was that my friend Steph was back in town. I am so excited to be able to spend time with her again. Even though I saw her on New Year’s Day, I still feel like we have tons of catching up to do…she had moved away for a year and a half. So I am excited. Plus, I spent a lovely afternoon with my mom and Rheba (which is always entertaining). Yes, I will focus on the positive.
If you will, say a little prayer for me. Lately, I keep feeling a little down b/c I feel like I should be somewhere else right now. I have a hard time realizing that I can’t fix everything myself. I want to be somewhere else, trying to help someone. The situation is out of my control, and I don’t know what I could do, but still I want to be there.

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