Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A serious case of C.A. and too old to get good lovin'

Alright, I just about had a psychotic break today. Now, in leading up to the craziest part of the day, I will say that I haven’t slept in my room for a solid week and half, now. I just haven’t been sleeping that great, so I've been sleeping in the recliner (also not a great choice). So today, with all the rain, I made the mistake of resting my head on my hand…and yeah, I fell asleep. And I was taking a nice little cat nap right up until the phone started ringing. This started my annoyance today. But the point in which I found myself to have a serious case of C.A. (For those of you who don’t know my aunt’s lingo, this means I had a serious case of Crazy A$$), was when I started screaming at a woman on the phone. I swear y’all, if you call a person to ask them a question, stop talking long enough to listen to the answer that they are trying to give you. This way the person doesn’t have to repeat the answer over and over and OVER again! I can’t tell you how many times I had to repeat myself on the phone (and yell) to get a word in edgewise. Although, I was the one with the answer, she didn’t seem so concerned about listening to it. Whew! …but I’m over it (haha). However, I had to leave the office shortly after this little incident before I really turned bat sh** crazy. Lord knows, these people are just tryin’ my patience.
Meanwhile, onto other things. I decided today, in between the cat nap and psychotic episode, that there is a point in time when you just need to stop shackin’ up. Have y’all looked around lately? There are a bunch of 65+ year-olds that are shackin’ up. And it’s not like these couples have been together forever and just have not gotten married. They got together after either the divorce from or death of their spouse. I mean, I don’t think that the trailers are still rockin’ as much (well, Lord, I’d hope not…lest they break a hip),…maybe they’re just lonely…but still. I mean, just do the decent thing and go to the church and get married (or even the courthouse). It’s just a little strange when their generation is doing that. They were raised in the more decent era, whereas we were the more corrupt generation. It’s just surprising.
Well, that is all of the randomness I have tonight….TTYL


  1. You are SO funny Aleta. It brightens my day to read your blog, and seeing as how we experienced our crazy Tuesday together today ... I know just what you're talking about. My question is this, why would anyone shack up with that ol nasty Sapp man?! Has she not seen him in that tank top he squeezes over that hairy chest, and round tummy?! g.r.o.s.s.

  2. Hey now, are we talking about my around the corner neighborhood Sapp that lays down on his front porch wall day in and day out?!? Ummm...not a pretty mental picture to be sure!! Love ya Aleta, still crackin me up!

  3. I totally agree on the shacking up subject. It is similar to the ones who have affairs at that age! What are they thinking? Grow up already.