Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thoughts and Gold Bond Medicated Powder

Well, it’s been one day and I already have a change of plans. As I sit here writing, smelling of Gold Bond medicated powder, I am thinking back on the new year’s resolutions that I have already broken. I cussed today, when I got razor burn from my (bleepity, bleepity) dull (bleepity) razor—hence, the Gold Bond powder. I had dinner with my friend Steph, and broke my diet by eating French fries and having 3 (count them…T.H.R.E.E.) sweet teas. By the way, this is SO not a good idea when you have on jeans that are already too-tight. I wound up driving home with my pants unbuttoned and unzipped. Shameful, I know. Thank God, I didn’t get stopped by a cop. –I’m going to have to slap some Lycra on these hips just to fit my growing fanny into my pants tomorrow-- And finally, I broke the “try to be nicer” resolution, when I realized how lame it really was. Meanness is just part of what makes me…well, me. I also realized that having a bit of witchy-ness makes things SO much more interesting than being nice all the time (Plus, have you ever tried being sugary sweet for a whole day? It will wear a person slap out). All that can come out of smiling all the time is a headache. No, thanks. My friend Steph helped me come to this conclusion. She tells it like it is, and always has, and that’s one of the things that I love about her. Maybe I can blame a little bit of my behavior on her….hahaha.
Now I have a new resolution. It is simply to start spicing my life up a bit. Although I am quite content with my life (job, friends, etc.), I feel like I’ve gotten into a bit of a monotonous rut. There is not much that I hate more than a rut. I feel that I do the same things every day. I’m a creature of habit, I guess. So, Lord help the public. I’m going to spice things up. Maybe a new “JAKS” prank will be just the ticket to start this up. Let’s just hope that the ol’ sheriff has forgotten the lecture he gave me…and the promise that he would put me in jail for a night if I ever pulled another stunt. Hmmm…we’ll see.

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  1. gotta say i love to hear you ladies are keeping the prank run alive :) makes me laugh to remember all we did (and all the more we talked about doing). do you remember trying to steal a street sign with a car jack ... doesn't really makes sense when you think about it, but thinking wasn't always our forte :)