Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Aleta: The Nut Magnet

Well, I haven’t blogged lately. I haven’t had much time. School stuff is creeping in on me; 12 more weeks until I’m finished. Hallelujah! And I’ve been working on a project for a friend. So that, and the fact that I was gone a lot this weekend, prevented me from blogging.

This is what has been up….

After Friday morning, I am absolutely convinced that I am a true nut magnet. Our door has been messed up at work for a few months. It had just gotten to the point where you had to slam it to get it to close when you were coming or going. So, on Friday morning, Mr. John had a “door man” come and fix it. Picture it…I was sitting at my desk minding my own business (around 9:30 a.m., I might add), when the “door man” comes up to me, around my desk and by me and says “He said you could help me with this.” (I still have yet to figure out who in the hell “he” was) Then, he rubs his hands on one side of my neck. I’m talking weirdly caressing my neck. When I pulled a “turtle neck” (as my friend Sam calls it), and pulled away, the man grabbed my hand and held it. Apparently the man was just trying to “warm his hands”…still, has he never heard of sticking them in his pockets? Whatever. I am SOOOOO not a touchy-feely person anyways. I rarely give hugs, so this was definitely weird for me. Plus, maybe it’s just me…but my neck is kind of reserved for the guy in my life (don’t have one right now…but still). Ughhh… the man gave me the heeby-geebies. He had to have been like 4 foot tall at the most, scraggly-looking, and Carrie said he had plumber’s butt when she drove up. WTH? These are the guys I get…the wierdos.

Moving on…I am a HUGE Tyler Perry fan. If you haven’t seen his movies, go out and rent them today. They are hilarious, and always have a good moral. On Friday night, my friend Sam and I loaded up and went to Crystal River to see “Madea Goes to Jail.” We were so excited. We had been waiting for this for a month. We got in the theater a few minutes early and were surprised to find it only about half full. We got our choice at a seat in the back, and we sat there itching with anticipation. As the movie time drew nearer, the theater began to fill up. A few teens came and sat behind us. We didn’t think much of it at first. Then, as the movie started, they began talking….LOUDLY. Throwing popcorn, standing up, moving around, the whole bit. At one point, I about got hit in the head when one of them decided to crawl out of the pew with her friend b/c they had to go to the bathroom. Then, Sam and I really got mad. As the movie was drawing to a close, the main character had this breakthrough. He was talking, and crying, and it would have been a great scene had the morons behind us not been talking. They talked and made fun of him through the whole scene. Sam and I both turned around and looked at them at different points. As we were walking out of the theater, Sam and I had steam billowing out of our ears. We considered paying for tickets to the next showing, just so that we could see it AND hear it. Sam said, as we got to the car, that at one point she had considered pulling out her mace and spraying them with it. But we’re not bitter….and we won’t make an issue of it…..:)

Oh, and before I forget, my little sister got her learner’s permit yesterday (warning: stay off the roads now…haha). I can proudly say that she got her first real driving lesson (with a car) from me. I let her drive my car. The one that I bought brand new 2 years ago, that came with a big red bow on it. Yep, that’s the one. Crazy? Maybe. We went out yesterday and drove up and down our dirt road. Before she got in the driver’s seat, I informed her that Bessie (my car) did not need braces (barbed wire) or to have her shoes (tires) messed up. So what if I personify my car? She really did do a great job. I was so proud. I only had to yell one explicit through the driving lesson. Even then, it was just because her boot got stuck on the accelerator and we went barreling in reverse towards a neighbor’s fence. Side note—boots aren’t the best footwear for new drivers. I can’t believe she’s growing up so fast. Lord, I’m stuck between feeling old, and praying to God she’s a better driver than me. (I’ve only hit 3 parked cars, almost ran my car into a rock pit, hit a steel post, about taken out the play-area-fence at Burger King, and hit about 10 animals.) I’ll post pics from our driving experience when I get around to taking them off of my camera. I’ll keep you posted on how the “Aleta Driving Lessons 101” course is going. We shall see….


  1. Ahh. Thank you for the blog fix :-) You failed to tell me about the Burger King incident. I guess you weren't kidding when you said you didn't really like a lot of kids.

  2. Oh, how I've missed your blog!! How was the movie though, from what you could tell? I LOVE those Madea movies!!! Crack me up all the time!!!

  3. FINALLY a new post! I was wondering if you had given up on us!!! :)

  4. Haha...my nephew, Robert, just got his learners permit too...he called and asked if he could drive my Mustang...I said, "Ha! Yeah right!" He can learns in the Oldsmobile! :) It's funny...no one wanted to drive the Nissan!