Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Have you seen my friend's FedEx package??

Well, y’all would not believe what I have been doing tonight. I told you in my blog last night that my friend Brett was either leaving today or tomorrow. Come to find out, he’s set to leave tomorrow. His group was supposed to send his “gear” via FedEx today. Somehow, the package didn’t make it to Mrs. Pegi’s house.

When she called FedEx frantically trying to find out if it had been sent, the secretary said that it had been delivered today. However, it hadn’t been delivered to THEIR house, and the FedEx people aren’t entirely sure where they left it. Mind you, he’s leaving TOMORROW AT NOON!!!! Insane? I think so. When they asked if she lived in a mobile home and she answered “no,” she knew they had messed this whole thing up. The secretary then informed Mrs. Pegi that “The driver was already home, and he had had a long day delivering to Chiefland, Trenton, and Gainesville. All that he could tell her was that he dropped the package off at a mobile home that no one was at, and had left it on the back porch. It was on her street number.” (Had this been me on the phone with this nut, I’m sure that I would not have been as nice as Mrs. Pegi was. Come on, don’t give me the ‘Poor FedEx man’ crap. It’s his job.).

Mrs. Pegi called me with this news. She had looked down her road, and was now wondering where the NW version of that street number was. It just so happened to be near my house. So we took off in search of Brett’s package. Now, I’m sure that there were a few houses where we trespassed a little. And I’m quite sure that the cops were called on us. I had one woman, as I walked up to her door, look at me (as I’m explaining about Brett’s package) as if I were going to pull a “spot and steal.” To our dismay, we still haven’t located the package at the point I’m writing this. Brett’s still awaiting a call from a FedEx manager. If you asked my dad though, that delivery man would either be cussed out, or fired. What the heck?

--sidenote—this is yet another example why it is not good to order things off line that could possibly be a bit embarrassing. Things like this happen every day. It’s just today, it’s more important than normal.—

On a completely different note, I am a little blue today. I think I just had everything hit me at once again. Sometimes I feel like too much compassion can be a bad thing. I know you’re probably wondering “what??” But I think that when you have compassion for people, and you have such high hopes for them, they can let you down. Even though I do act tough, my heart breaks really easy. I know that I’m not God. Some days I really do fight with the fact that I can’t fix everything. I’m not in control. I just pray that He will get ahold of this person’s life and change them. It’s very hard to see someone (or hear about someone) that you care about going in a downward spiral. I just want him to be ok again. That’s just not normal behavior, I don’t care who you are. I’ve racked my brain…and there’s nothing I can do…and it breaks my heart.

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  1. Girl, you know you are liable to get shot knocking on strangers' doors these days in Gilchrist County. Don't make me write about you! I completely agree with you on FedEx, UPS and above all things the US Postal Service in general---WAY over paid for the job they do (all except for Katie's mom, Mrs. Donna-we know she works hard).

    I know you will miss your good friend, Brett. We'll be praying for his safety. Thank you Lord for men like him who are willing to fight for our country.