Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are we really in safe hands??

Alright, me being the paranoid hussie that I am, I am convinced that if I should ever find myself in an emergency, I’m going to die before I make it to the hospital. Here are a few reasons why.

1. It’s probably a good thing to make sure that the doors to the back of the ambulance are shut before spinning off. A friend of mine actually saw this happen…Thank God no one was on the stretcher (Thankfully, they were on their way to pick someone up…and not actually taking the person to the hospital). Especially considering that the stretcher came close to flying out of the ambulance’s open doors as the driver pulled out onto HWY 129. (Shaking my head…)

2. Instead of hurrying to get a man that is SHAKING uncontrollably into the back of an ambulance, the EMT’s playfully argue about who gets to shave the man’s chest hair (into a smiley face, nonetheless) to check his heart.

3. Sadly, while my dad worked at Itchenetucknee (spelling??), he always swore that if he had an emergency and needed an ambulance, he would die trying to get across to the Gilchrist County line. Why, you ask? Because if they took him to the hospital in Lake City, he said, he was bound to die anyways. (I really wonder how I became the drama queen that I am today ;-)

4. This is really kind of sad. I read this somewhere, and sadly, this was near us. A boy was floating down the river with his grandpa, when the grandpa had a heart attack and stopped breathing. The people around him pulled him out, and began CPR. The first ambulance was called and on its way, the ambulance had a flat tire. The next one that was called in for back-up at least got to the park. Unfortunately, they hadn’t checked the battery to their “shock-you-back-to-life” thing (this being the technical term for it…tee he he). They went to zap him with it, and all it said was “low battery.” This is terrible b/c the man died. But I certainly wouldn’t question that it was just this man’s time to go.

5. It is a shame when people from Cedar Key can make it to the hospital quicker than an ambulance traveling from Trenton to Gainesville. Yes, if the EMT’s get mad at you, you won’t get lights and you won’t go above 45 mph.

The people that are going into the medical profession these days really make me wonder. I’ll get on our police and sheriff departments another night. That’s a whole other can of worms.


  1. Well, I hope I'm not on that list of people that make you wonder.....I promise that I think that my hospital is a great place to have babies....can't speak for the EMT services though....hopefully I'll never need them!!!

  2. Too funny. Crystal, your hospital is a great place to have babies...not too sure about everything else going on around there, but the Women's Center is THE place to be! Ha Ha. As for the ambulance people...I've gotta be honest, after working at the paper up here for a few years and going to many many accidents, I can truthfully say...Gil. Co. is far from a paid, professional fire-rescue operation. Did I say that p.c. enough Aleta?