Friday, February 6, 2009

The Unspoken

Ok. This is something that I saw on a myspace bulletin once. I thought that it was a neat idea. This is where you write a message to 10 “unidentified” people, of things that you want to say to them but can’t, either good or bad. I think it’ll be a good stress reliever. For anyone that reads this (if any)…try it.

#1. You want to be my friend again?? What brought on this change of heart? I hate to think that you have ulterior motives, but I do question your sincerity. I know that we shouldn’t dredge up the past, but I just think that we’re “toxic” for each other. We both said horrible things, and although it’s been forgiven, it’s not as easily forgotten. I never want to get to that place again. So, I will attempt this friendship, but I’m definitely going to keep myself guarded. And there are some boundaries that you can’t cross anymore. Don’t talk about the people I care about.

#2. You have a problem. Get help. AA and NA would do you nicely. You’re hurting everyone that loves you.

#3. I am thankful everyday for our friendship. I just want you to be happy, in whatever you choose. Everything happens for a reason. Life shouldn’t be mediocre. We only have one life to live.

#4. If you hadn’t really cared, you wouldn’t have tried calling and texting me since then. You need to figure out your priorities in life. Did you choose what YOU really wanted or were you just trying to appease other people? At some point you need to grow up and be your own person. You felt it too, so stop pulling the innocent act and blaming me for everything. You said things to me and threw out invitations all willy-nilly. I wasn’t guilty in that alone. I lost friends because of you and you hurt me, a lot. And the strangest thing about all of this is that I still care. WTH?

#5. You are a beautiful person, and those that don’t see that are truly missing out. I wish you wouldn’t be so hung up on how the world views “beauty.”

#6. Stop being so fake. I wonder what you say when I’m not around.

#7. You are insane. Stop prying into other people’s lives and work on your own.

#8. You deserve much better than this. Why do you keep falling for the same old line, every time?

#9. I’m not a crazy person. Not everyone is like your group of friends. I think you need more stable ones. That’s what I was trying to be. I want better for you. You can do better than that. You’re just trying to fill a void, and this isn’t a good way to do it. I wish you could see your worth.

#10. Don’t criticize what you don’t understand. When you walk a mile in my shoes…then, you can talk. Until then, shut your mouth.

Whew. I feel better.
Y’all try it….


  1. Aleta, I absolutely love it! It reminds me of a song that I listen all the time!

  2. I did this once in a Myspace thing. It feels great to get that out, doesn't it? Even if those people never read it or don't realize it's even for them, at least you feel better by saying it out loud.

  3. I love you so! You are beautiful - in every sense of the word!
    I could never put in words what you mean to me!
    Your Hannie