Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mad as hell

I am SOOOOOOO pissed off with the sorry cops we have around these parts. My friend Mandi’s little sister, Krissy, went missing on Thursday night. She ran away, after stealing a car and money. Still, she is ONLY 13!!!! My aunt and I went out to try and help today. We went down to Old Homosassa, where the whole “search party” went to after hearing that she had been spotted there on Friday night. To make this a short story, we now have reason to think that the people that she is with are not “safe” people. However, the Citrus County Police hadn’t even heard that she was missing until today. WTH? Levy County was supposed to alert everyone a few hours after she went missing. Which was Thursday night. I am personally so freakin’ aggravated with these cops. Even after they “learned” that Krissy was missing, they still haven’t done a whole lot. Citrus County included. I sincerely hope that sooner or later they will get off their asses and do something about all of this. If you have reason to believe that she is with someone go check them out. They’re under surveillance for other mischief anyways. Don’t just sit around like a bunch of goons and say “Y’all should all go home. She’ll come out when she’s ready.” I realize that she ran away. But she is only 13. And if these people that she’s with are dangerous, then you need to go and check it out. Or, at least, that's what my rational thought would be. I would think that you would check every lead you had. But maybe that's just me. What the hell are these cops thinking??

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