Monday, February 2, 2009

Soggy toes and throwin’ down at the Crack house

Y'all I've been shown once again, that I'm not meant to be a domestic diva. I tried cooking last night...a simple batch of cookies. In the process of baking that simple batch, I about broke the mixer and the dough wound up being like glue. Fortunately, after a lot of hard work, and a few obsenities, the cookies turned out alright. Hopefully my Carrabellian friends enjoy them. (Let me know how they are Amy!)

Ok, so today didn’t start off ALL that bad. I ran late for work yet again. (Thank goodness I have a job that gives me some leeway.) Then, I had to go wait in line at the post office. Honestly, though, that happens every time I go to the Trenton Post Office. I end up waiting in line for about 30 minutes, all for the sake of more personal “customer service.” I’m tellin’ you, if a machine would spit out the right sized box I needed, and would give me a damn stamp for the package, I would SO give up the personal customer service. All in all, the morning wasn’t all that bad because it rained. Maybe I’m odd, but I love rainy days. (However, I would have liked to have spent the day in my pajamas watching That 70s Show and eating popsicles.) But around lunch, all of that changed…

I had left my lunch at home, in my haste to get out of my house with everything to go into the packages that I needed to send. So, I was just going to make it easy on myself and just call an order in at the Cracker Box (which I lovingly refer to as the “Crack House” or “Crack Shack.” As a side story, the crabby waitress that works in there once answered the phone “Crack House. How can I help you?” The name sort of stuck)—This place has the best chicken strips in the world. Well, Lord, I didn’t know what a fiasco it was going to be. I called the number, and told the girl that I wanted to place an order. She then said “Can you wait a minute?” I said sure. I didn’t think anything about it…it’s a pretty busy place most days. I waited…and waited…and waited (Have I mentioned that I have NO patience whatsoever?). All the time, hearing everything that was going on in the background…b/c the girl didn’t know how to press hold. I swear, I was on hold for 10 minutes. Then I hear her just laughing with people and yelling “Oh, bring me a piece of cake when you come back!” It was then that I realized that she had completely forgotten I was on hold. If you’re wondering why I didn’t just hang up and call again…it’s because when they do this, their phone will then be busy for 30 minutes, b/c no one ever checks it. So, I stayed on hold, and I walked over to the restaurant, in the pouring rain without an umbrella, through mud, with every intention of letting the phone-answering girl have it. Have I mentioned that this isn’t the first time that this has happened to me or my coworkers? Sadly, it’s like the fifth time…

When I walk in the restaurant, the place is only half full. And the girl that is supposed to be taking my order is just standing around talking to a bunch of the waitresses. I couldn’t help myself from rolling my eyes. I near about threw my soggy shoes at her. And when I got up to the counter, I said (with a very witchy tone and giving the death glare) “You might want to hang your phone up. I’m the one that you put on hold…ten minutes ago.” She just looks up at me, with a ‘tude nonetheless, and says “Well, can I take your order?” O.M.G. I just about had another case of C.A. y’all. I know that I’m a witch to a lot of people, and I’m very prone to throw a tantrum, but I at least TRY to be nice to customers. Apparently she didn’t take the Ryan Weaver course called "Being Polite to Customers 101" that I did. Anyways, I place my order…then, I have to walk back in the pouring rain, through the mud, cursing her with every step. And 15 minutes later, I had to walk back and forth again. I was not a happy camper. If I get pneumonia, I am SO sending her my medical bills. Plus, I had to walk around in soggy shoes the rest of the day that made slurping noises everytime I moved. And those were my favorite pair of shoes. :( She’s on “Aleta voo-doo doll list” right now.

In other news…I read the stupidest accident report today. Thankfully, this didn’t happen in our area. What a bunch of D.A.s! According to the report a 61 year-old man and a 20 year-old woman were arrested for their road rage/accident. Apparently, one of them tried to pass the other one or something on the itnerstate, and BOTH of them pulled out handguns and started shooting at each other. The old man fired 4 shots, and the girl fired 3. WTH? Has someone been peeing in the gene pool again? I swear. After the little accident Steph and I were involved in on the interstate, I would be driving SUPER careful if I was on the interstate. I wouldn’t even attempt to reach down to find my handgun, much less shoot at the person while going 70-80 mph. BTW, no one was hurt.

Hey speaking of guns…My dad doesn’t see my need for a gun and he also thinks I’m a little too feisty to have one. So, I’m thinking of getting a tazer. You know, now you can get them in pink, blue and silver. Haha. Seriously, though. Any thoughts? ;-)


  1. Hilarious once again...I knew Waylon had good reason for not wanting to eat at the Crack Shack the other day (I love it, I think that's what I'll start calling it if you don't mind!) I think you handled it very well, but would have made for further hilarious reading if you already had your tazer!!!

  2. That is why Teresa having a hand gun worries me!! :)

  3. The cookies are DELISH! Thank you so much for standing in line for 30 minutes!!!
    Tazer? Would it be pink with a some maribou feathers on it, maybe some shiny little rhinestones..ooh ooh..and a Charlie Brown sticker, too??