Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spa and ER lessons learned

Today we finally celebrated my lil sis’ birthday. I say finally because it has been extremely hard (mainly due to Rheba’s crazy barrel racing schedule) to pin point a day that we could all get together. Anyways, Mom, Rheba, Hannie, Margaret, Elmer Fudd and I all got together at the spa and then went on to the Ivy House. All in all, we really enjoyed ourselves. The day was really crazy, though. After all the fun we had this morning, we wound up in the ER this afternoon with Rheba (more on that in a minute). Today, I learned some valuable lessons that I will share with you.

Aleta’s spa lessons of the day

1. Lesson #1-Always shave every inch of your legs before going to a spa.—Last night, in a hurry, I only shaved up to my knees. Mainly because I didn’t think that a massage would entail anything above my knees (and maybe the fact that I just didn’t want to put that much effort into it at 12:30 a.m.). Now before y’all go thinking my thighs were all “wooly mammoth”, they weren’t. It just wasn’t smooth by a long shot. ANYWAYS, so I go into the massage and tell the girl to work mainly on my back, shoulders, and neck…but I guess she could work on my legs as well (fully thinking it would just be the calves). I got a shock. As she ran her hands up my leg, I had to bite my lip and curl my toes to keep from laughing. Still, I nearly snorted. I kept thinking “Oh s***, I KNEW I should’ve shaved my whole leg!”

2. Lesson #2- Aleta has very ticklish knees.—I realized this during the point where I was already near the “pee-in-your-pants” state trying to stifle my laughter about shaving.

3. Lesson #3- In telling the massage therapist what you want, you might want to tell her what you don’t want, too.—I won’t go into too much depth with this; deeming it “TMI.” I will say that although my chunky behind provides a good amount of working space, I didn’t need it massaged.

4. Peppermint oil will NOT come off of you, and it begins to stink after a while.—After getting greased up like a pig, I hopped into the spa shower to try to get some of the oils off my skin. Surprisingly, it didn’t help a whole lot. I still smelt of nasty peppermint all day. Bleh.

Ok, onto the ER visit…Rheba has been having a “pressure headache” for about 4 days now. First, we thought it could be the bug that was going around. But mom finally took her to the Emergency Care Center today (only place that was open). They promptly sent us to the ER, because they didn’t “do” headaches. So, off we went. About 6 hours later, we finally returned home. No need to worry, it wasn’t anything serious. As of now, Rheba is doped up and feeling much better.

Aleta’s lessons about the E.R.

1. Lesson #1-Some male nurses are both manly AND cute.—Ok, so maybe I just am prone to stereotyping…but I’ve always considered male nurses to be just a tad bit on the girly side. I was proven wrong today. There was one that strolled through the E.R. tonight that even my mom said was a cutie.

2. Lesson #2-My sister will wear boots with ANYTHING.—No joke. My sister’s feet got cold at one point when we had FINALLY gotten called back (about 4 hours after arriving). She was in that awful green gown…sportin’ her cowboy boots. I did take a pic on her phone, but she said she would kill me if ever I showed it to anyone. She cracks me up. (side note—at the spa today, she was wearing blue sports shorts with her boots…the spa ladies certainly thought the Clampits had come to town).

3. Lesson #3- Despite my dad’s arguments, I was NOTTTTT meant to work in the medical field.—Apparently, when a person takes that little machine/thingy off their finger while it’s still plugged in, it will beep…and beep…and beep. After 38 minutes of hearing a steady “beep…beep…beep,” I was in hot pursuit of a sharp object to slit my wrists with. The nurse finally came in and told us what the sound was (after a few complaints and few long sighs from me, I might add). I don’t know what old geezer had pulled the finger thing off, but I was minutes away from searching for the culprit myself when we were finally released.

4. Final lesson of the night….It’s good to be home.


  1. I think I know exactly which nurse you're talking about if it was at NFRMC (& I believe it was judging by the green gown:) ) His name is Kevin, he knows where Trenton is, divorced and has a few kids....still think he's cute?!? Actually he's very nice, used to work as a tech and bring up pt's when I worked on 3rd. Do I need to put in a word?!? HAHAHA! Glad to hear you guys had fun and that all is well with your sister's noggin! PS- I think Rheba and Wyatt would be great buddies with that boot thing! LOL!

  2. well i, too, have learned a spa lesson or two! Carrie & I went to Cloud 9 in the fall to have a "Mommy to be" massage. We did the shared suite... (Lesson 1- NEVER do the shared suite with your BFF). We tried so hard not to bust out laughing the entire time-- so hard that we ended up giggling like two 12 years olds. Lesson 2- (also mentioned in your list of spa lessons)...tell them what you want and DONT want. Poor Carrie- her massage therapist talked the entire time. And it wasnt just the chit chat that was annoying, she was CREEPY. She had the creepiest voice and it made my skin crawl... she whispered when she talked and it was just gross. Mine didnt talk much, thankfully! It was definately an experience. One we didnt get to follow up with Ivy House, like you guys... Ivy House can make anything better! :)

  3. Gross. Gross. Gross is all I can say for the spa massage experience...Never again (though our massage oil smelled amazing). The best part was at the end when they told us the girl who did our massages "recommended" we purchase the oils for at home use (yeah right) for like $59.99!!! So you know I just had to have it. Ha Ha