Friday, March 27, 2009

Who is Rachel Ray’s pharmacist and where can I get some of the uppers she’s on??

Let me just say, before I get into this, that I don’t watch an awful lot of Food Network. It doesn’t provide entertainment for the girl who cannot cook. But sometimes, my mama has this on when I come home…and I’m forced to watch some of it. Although I can appreciate 'ol Rachel's ability to make a wonderful meal in 30 minutes, does anyone else find her as annoying as I do?? I mean, I like most of her recipes and all, but I’m tempted to throw my shoe at the tv everytime I hear the phrase “EVOO” or “Sammies.” And where, oh where, does she find THAT kind of energy? I get wore slap out just watching her. I’m betting that it’s good drugs. If that’s the case, where can I get some? But at least she’s not as monotonous as the Barefoot Contessa. Her show puts me to sleep about as well as my High School Chemistry class did (as a side note here, I slept through both semesters of my HS Chem class…made A’s, but didn’t learn a thing).

Anyways, let me fill y’all in on what’s happening at the Sheffield Casa tonight. My sister is all wound up for the fair (at least the social aspect of it). My dad is watching his new favorite RFDTV show (yeah… BIG surprise). This one’s called “Country Family Reunion”…or some nonsense. It’s where a whole bunch of old country singers (or their kids) sit around in a circle and talk about the good ‘ol days. I’d rather be shot in the butt than have to watch that mess. What’s worse is the fact that even if he leaves the room…we can’t change the tv…because he’s “still watching it.” Ok, Dad. And I think Big Joe and his clan of dancing grannies are coming on next. If it’s up to me to take dad to my house when he’s old and gray or take him to the home….he’s SOOOOO going to the home. (Just kidding….but seriously). My mom’s working on folding Mt. Clothesmore (our ever-growing mountain of clean clothes). And I am using every stick-like object to scratch my back with. I’m itchin’ like a mammajamma tonight. Unfortunately, I got scorched last week and now I’m peeling. FUN.

On a good note, I am in a much better mood tonight. I got to visit with the very sweet Miss Allie Claire today and she perked me right up. Thank goodness for quilting classes…I got enough sugar to last me all month. She’s just as cute as she can be, y’all. That little baby has got me wrapped me around her little finger, let me tell you.

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