Friday, March 6, 2009

Vain Birds, The Chicken War, and When Bats Attack

Have y’all seen the movie Failure to Launch?? If not, you might should watch it. It is hilarious and has Matthew McHottie (as my friend calls him) in it. Anyways, in the movie the guy (the character ol’ Matt plays) gets out of sync with nature. Through the duration of the movie, he gets attacked by a squirrel, bitten by a big lizard, and almost drowns when a dolphin grabs him off of his surf board. All of these animals are generally friendly, so it is very odd. Now, I told you that to tell you this…I am beginning to believe that I am out of sync with nature.

The Vain Bird

I have posted a photo of my car door. If you will notice, there is bird poo all over the door. For the past month, I have been noticing more and more bird poo on my car door and on my side mirrors. It doesn’t matter if I clean it, the bird will return to leave a “fresh coat” right after I clean it. My parents think that it is funny because they have seen the bird just sitting on my car window seal looking in the side mirror, pecking at it and pooing. Apparently, he likes to look at himself in the mirror. Meanwhile, my mom and dad’s vehicles remain untouched. I have just about gotten to the point where I want to call my very own Elmer Fudd to bring her guns to my house and have target practice. Ok…maybe that’s not PC for all my PETA friends. Ok. We’re going to send him to a wonderful place where he can look at himself all day in a mirror if he likes. :-P Dumb Bird.

The Chicken War

I hate a chicken. I think that I might have mentioned that a time or two on here. But lately, I am feeling very sad for one of our roosters. We apparently (didn’t realize this until a few days ago) have 3 roosters total. One is ugly, and two are pretty (I guess for a rooster). Well, one of the pretty ones and the ugly one have teamed up and are really mean to the rooster I deem “Buddy.” The hens have followed suit. Buddy is a complete outcast. He constantly has to watch himself. And the other chickens have pecked at him so much that he is now losing the comb on his head. I took this picture of him, all by his lonesome in the cow field. So sad…I came home from work one day last week to find him hunkered down in the horse field, looking from side to side. I feel so bad for him.

In relation to me, the roosters are following me again. Wherever I am in the house, they will be under that window cock-a-doodling all day long. They woke me up at 7-7:30ish on Sunday. Then, that afternoon, while we were trying to watch TV, they were under the living room window making a racket. So much so to the point where my sister yelled “GOOD LORD!” It’s getting ridiculous, I tell you.

When Bats Attack

We have an in-ground swimming pool at my house. I absolutely love it during the summer months. With it turning dark later, it’s always fun to go out and have a late-afternoon swim. There’s only one problem. The bats. Bats are drawn to the water, and typically come out around dusk. Well, one night as my mom and I were leisurely swimming, the bats came out. As I came up for air, I felt a pull in my hair. I went to reach back and pull the clip from my hair…when I realized it wasn’t a clip. The bat started flapping in my hair. All I can say is…once I got that dang bat out of my hair, Jesus wasn’t the only one that could walk on water….

Well, finally, I got around to taking the pics off my camera. This is Rheba’s first driving lesson. (She’s posing…I made sure that she was parked before taking this pic…Lord knows, I value my life…) haha.

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  1. All of us country girls know about bats...remember the time one "buzzed" me and Dale while sitting in the sand box? I jumped up and ran inside...yep....I left Dale (who was a toddler) sitting by himself in the sandbox - wondering what the heck just happened!
    Love ya,