Monday, March 2, 2009

Throwing Staplers at the Journal

Well guys, I left work early today. I left around 4 today; it really was for the best. The alternative to leaving would have been murder. We’ll call it my “mental health leave”…

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love my job. Although it’s a bit stressful at times, I really enjoy it and the people that I work with. Plus, I have the perk of seeing Miss Allie Claire regularly. However…there are days like today where I want to scream and throw my stapler across the room.

I really, Really, REALLY hate when older men (or any men, really) think that all women are stupid and should be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. I was not raised with that mindset (Praise God!) or around people that felt that way.

Now, mind you, I have previously been called a “dumb bitch” while waiting on the counter at the Journal. He called me this because he asked me a question that I didn’t know the answer to…so I asked my boss. That, I didn’t let bother me as much, surprisingly.

Then, I was referred to as “a very rude girl” in a public meeting. In front of public officials and everything. Why, you ask? Because I told a woman that called and asked when a meeting was, that I didn’t know and that she should call the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s office was partially behind the meeting, so I figured that they would know. Although I hate that it embarrassed Carrie (who attended the meeting), I still stand firm in the fact that I was not rude to her.
Today, I had an older man (that I have had problems with in the past) come in and want to pay his bill. Every time he comes in the Journal to do this, there is ALWAYS a problem with his bill. Either it is too high or too low, EVERY FREAKIN’ TIME!!!!! So I hate waiting on him. In fact, I think the last time he came in I said that I would never wait on him again. Whatever. Anyways, so I tried to help him. I printed out his bills for the past two months, totaled them up and gave him the amount. Immediately, he tells me that it’s wrong. I look down in an attempt to keep my eyes from automatically rolling. I ask him what’s wrong. He tells me “You charged me too much for these ads.” I tell him that that is the price of the ads, and the ad did run 2 weeks. He then says that he had an agreement with my boss about paying less. After asking people in the office if they have heard of the agreement (which none had) I say Ok. Fine. Whatever. So, I total his ad bill up. Then, he wants to buy stencils. I add those to his bill, and figure the tax for the stencils (ads are never taxed). He looks at it and says “That’s wrong.” I say (annoyance is building to all-time record) “What’s wrong now?” His response is “We aren’t charged tax.” So I refigure. Give him the amount. He takes forever writing his check after saying “Are you sure this is right THIS time?” Like I’m the idiot. I take his check and say “Have a great day” (politely…while digging my nails in my hands) and walk back to my desk. Then….he does it. He says “Well, I was going to have you add March’s classified bill to it, but I bet THAT would have been too complicated for you.” Oh. No. He. Didn’t. …….Out pops Bitchy Aleta. At this point, I consider throwing my stapler at his head. Typically my aims off, but at this point, I’m willing to give it a try.

I was SOOOOOOOO mad. As he’s fixin’ to walk out, I say “Hold on a second. Let me make sure that you have a tax exempt card, because I have never seen one for you. THAT is why I didn’t know that you didn’t pay tax.” Nope. Sure enough, we didn’t have one for them. He looks surprised and starts digging for one. Unfortunately he found one. But FINALLY, he leaves, and as soon as he hit the door I said “That man pisses me off every time he comes in here. I will NEVER wait on him again. I don’t care if I’m the only one in this office at the time….I won’t do it again.” Everyone laughed…but I am serious. I never will again. I literally shook for about 10 minutes after he left, because I was so mad.

UGGGHHHH. I’ve had a stressful Monday.

On a side note…I am on the hunt for funny, cute Just for Fun or “thinking of you” cards. Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS have seriously slim pickins…so do y’all have any suggestions for where I might find some??

P.S. I am still needing some ideas for things to give my friend to do (as explained in last blog)…so if you think of any, let me know. BTW, she’s married, just for reference ;-)

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  1. Well wow! I miss a lot by not being at work on Mondays. I am trying so hard to think of which difficult customer this man could be?! There are so many...ha! ha! I'm hoping his adv. is classified (and only $5.50 per week) that way I will NEVER have to deal with him either. Next time you might want to sick Cindy Jo on know how kind, and patient she is with difficult customers:)

    Sadly, the best cards I've ever been able to find always come from the Hallmark store, which requires a trip to the mall....

    Still thinking on things for your friend---skinny-dipping?