Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things I will never understand...

Things I will never understand…

1. Why it is that every time I go to Walmart, I wind up with the ONE buggy that needs a tire alignment. Or I wind up with one that squeaks really loudly. Either way, you can always hear me coming. Kerplunk, roll, squeak, kerplunk, roll, squeak.
2. Why is it that grown men can shoot a deer, but can’t seem to “aim” while peeing.
3. Why do we always want the one we can’t have, and the one that wants us, we don’t want?
4. How anyone could ever live anywhere but the South. I mean, really, could you go without hearing a Southern accent all day??
5. How is it that ALL teenage girls go through the “like” stage. You know, the “Where everything they like say sounds like…like…this.” Ugh.
6. Who in the hell wants to sign up to be an actor in these feminine itch/odor or erectile dysfunction commercials?—As a side note, “Bob” from the E.D. commercials looks as if he might need some anti-psychotic drugs and a straight jacket. I don’t really think E.D. is the biggest problem he’s facing.
7. When speaking of commercials. Why is it that ALL of America is fascinated with that dang Geico Gecko, or the caveman, or that irritating perky Progressive Insurance woman?

I will never understand these things…and there’s tons more, but I’m exhausted. I’ll think of more crap to add to this list, I’m sure.


  1. Why is it that I always find myself in a race with that paper toilet protector thingy in public restrooms to sit down before it falls in? And..what REALLY makes us think that it's going to protect our behinds from contracting something awful? It's paper, for goodness sake AND if the seat is already wet then chances are that it's going to soak through defeating our purpose altogether.

  2. Totally agree with you on the whole Wal-Mart buggy issue. I took Allie to Wal-Mart once in Jacksonville and the wheel literally came off the crappy buggy I was pushing. Thank God she was in her carrier in the buggy part not the top seat or else she could have been thrown completely out. Can you even imagine that happening?