Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Therapy, laughter, green-thumbs, and ringing bells

Sometimes you just have to step out of your drama for a little while to fully appreciate the small things in life. Monday and Tuesday were both pretty hard at work. In fact, I have no idea what had gotten into me on Tuesday, I just kept crying. I guess I’m just a bit overwhelmed right now. I had a 22-page essay midterm last week, a test analysis project due last week (have I mentioned that education classes are SOOOOO not for me?!), a group presentation due this Saturday—yes, apparently you can have group projects in online classes too! But as it is in EVERY group project I have ever been in, I am doing most of the work—and I just found out I have another paper due by Saturday. I’m still worried sick about some of my friends…It’s just a pile of junk all piling up at once. I even went crying to Aunt Angie’s to tell her my woes on Tuesday. We had a little therapy session right in her office :) Frankly, I think that both of us need a vacation.

Back to my point….With all this stuff happening, I took time out and thoroughly enjoyed myself last night. I went to Crystal River and Homosassa with my friend Sam. We went plant shopping at the Home Depot (and later at Wally-world)—for her. I still don’t have a green thumb…and I don’t see one in my near future.—But we had the best time. We laughed and laughed and laughed. It was just what I needed. There’s nothing like hanging out with good, old friends. It just always seems to make your worries melt away.

As a side note, throughout our plant-shopping extravaganza we took some time to look at greeting cards. I am happy to say that I found a few really cute ones. I am still on the search for a card that I bought back in Aug/Sep and sent to my friend in Carrabelle (It’s a Hallmark/Shoebox Card). I would love to find it and buy a few more. The card cracked me up. It had two stick figures on it. One had horns and a pitchfork, I think the other had a halo. The one with the horns had “Guilty, Guilty, Guilty” around it. The card said “Maurice’s first day as the Court Room Artist was also his last.” You would just have to see it to fully appreciate it. As soon as I saw it, I stood there laughing hysterically down the card aisle at Walgreens. If ever y’all should spot this card…let me know. Anyways, I’m doing good on the card front now….although I have thoroughly upset my card-making mama. I’d upset her more if she knew how much I spent on the few cards I bought last night :)

Well, that’s about all that is new with me. Oh wait! The robot OCD kid came in the Journal today. Thank the Lord I didn’t get him. While he was in there, he pressed the counter bell for about 2 minutes straight (while Mrs. Cindy Jo was helping him), before making himself at home and getting himself some water from our Culligan water thingy we have in the hallway. The kid is weird…he doesn’t ask before he starts messing with things…just goes right ahead and messes with them. He is the reason I’m really considering not having any of my own.

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